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Blood and sand: Que Sera Sera

Updated on April 12, 2016


Here's the deal
Open your eyes

She looked at him. He knew something.
"What aren't you telling me" Skye demanded
"Nothing" He replied
"No. Don't give me that bull shit Brax" She yelled "TELL ME!"
He went quiet.

Don't say a word
I'll tell you why

Her heart stopped with what her had to tell her.
"Why didn't you tell me sooner"
"I was trying to protect you"
"I'm not a little kid anymore. you can't protect me"
She stormed out the door

But you deny, you ever lied
Wondering why
Bury your life

She sat on the beach drowning her sorrows. The cold winter's air made her throat feel like it was about to freeze. She saw him come up and sit next to her in the sand. He took his jumper off and wrapped it around her.
"Did you know?" She asked
"No. I was too young" Replied Casey
"But you eventually found out"
He nodded his head. "Yep. but only a few weeks ago"
"Why didn't he tell me"
"He thought he was doing something good." He said " And you were happy, there was no need to ruin that"

Count your friends
On your hands
Now look again
They're not your friends

"You coming home tonight?" He asked
"Thought I might sleep out here"
"No. It's like -10 degrees. you'll die"
"Doe's it matter" She said bluntly
"I won't let you"
She looked at him. his lips were going blue and purple. If that was happening to him what was happening to her.
"Promise me on thing though"
"What" he replied
"Everything will stay the same"
"Sure cuz!" He joked pulling her up

Hold your breath
Everyone left
No surprise


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