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Blowing Bubble Gum Bubbles

Updated on April 12, 2016

A little boy watching from inside spies

the rain pouring from an overcast sky

one by one the cows pop open

their polka-dot umbrellas

sitting upon cushions of clover

they eat jelly and peanut butter

The sun peeks through the clouds

chasing away the rain

neighing happily the horses stomp in mud puddles

blowing bubblegum bubbles

and the little boy does the same

With arms around his faithful pups

they sit side by side on a grassy hill

gazing with awe upon the rainbow

he wonders if the leprechaun

and the pot of gold are real

While the little boy sleeps with arms over head

the sleepy buffaloes under the starry night

snuggle under covers

hugging their teddy bears tight

and they whisper to the little boy ... good night.


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