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Blue Beetle (New 52) 1-3 Review

Updated on February 26, 2012
Cover of Blue Beetle vol. 1 (New 52)
Cover of Blue Beetle vol. 1 (New 52)

It can be tough to decide which comic series to pick up. Especially when you are new to comics like myself. Luckily, DC has started the New 52, in which they are rebooting all of there franchises. Deciding to try some super hero comics, I picked up a copy of Blue Beetle #1. I had never heard of this hero before but he looked cool, so I figured why not pick it up and give this guy a try. So I will give you my opinion of the first 3 comics which covers the first arc Metamorphosis.

I'll try to spoil anything important, but basically Metamorphosis is the origin of the Blue Beetle. So the Blue Beetle is actually a high school student named, Jaime Reyes. He seems to be the typical high school geek. He gets picked on by bullies, and not very athletic. The first issue reveals most of the characters that will be in the earlier comics including his two best friends; Paco, a high school dropout, and Brenda, a good friend that Jaime may have a crush on.

Jaime ends up becoming the blue beetle by disobeying his parents and sneaking out of the house to go to Brenda's quinceanera, a common coming of age ceremony for girls in Latin America. On his way there Paco and Jaime get caught in the middle of a fight for possession of a blue beetle relic. the relic gets tossed into Paco's car and Jaime runs off with it to save Paco's life. When one of the enemy's hits him, the beetle attaches itself to Jaime and covers him the the blue beetle armor. The rest of the first three books are about Jaime trying to figure out what the beetle is, and how to control it. These tend to mover slow as well. There isn't just a whole lot of action. Instead its more dialogue based. It isn't bad, it just isn't as interesting as Jaime fighting the villans of the series

The art work is done well. I really enjoy looking at the characters and surroundings the artists have made. It seems like it will fit the series pretty well.

Overall the first few issues of Blue Beetle haven't been extremely interesting, but they haven't been bad either. I do think that this series has the potential to be awesome, so I will still pick up the next few issues to see how it turns out. If you haven't heard of the blue beetle before, then definatly check it out . I have read some of the other blue beetle series before, then you might just want to start this new series from the the 4th volume.

Want to check out the comics? Buy them here!


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    • Kexul profile image

      Luke Falconberry 5 years ago from La Vergne, Tennessee

      awesome! I went to my comic shop to pick up the next issues, he was out of 4 so I bought 5 and 6, now I'm just waiting for 4 to come to read them. Thanks for letting me know!

    • profile image

      Eric 5 years ago

      Blue Beetle is my favorite and there is plenty of fighting and action over the next few issues, especially #6.