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Planet Green

Updated on February 8, 2015

A humble prayer to 'Mankind' to call 'Earth' as 'Planet Green' from today itself because reiterating certain words will make us imbibe the concept of trees around us, deeply rooted in our hearts never to be uprooted again, since it is a serious matter concerning our survival. The 'Phrase' can create wonders, I believe and soon we all will believe the authenticity of its incantation as being 'God Sent'. It will save our Earth and the Humans, the 'Greatest' and 'Best' of all God's creations.

Unreal Threats:

1. Aliens and spacecrafts reaching Earth from other Planets beyond our Solar System.

2. Stories related to 'Science Fiction'.

3. Extraterrestrial objects and beings.

Plenty of films are made and enough books are written that takes us away into a world of fantasy where any and everything is possible.The books are highly popular and the Total Rate of Popularity is very high on these films which try to propagandize the unreal.

Now, we are going to discuss something more serious that needs real attention.

Real Threats:

1. Global Warming.

2. Melting of Polar Ice caps.

3. Animals' Extinction.

4. Deforestation.

5. Ecological Imbalance.

I have a simple Rhetorical Question to ask.

How many films are made with the spotlights on these topics?

My answer is only a few but with love stories entwined for high popularity.

To be very frank, channels promoting these topics and documentaries are few in numbers in comparison to Commercial channels.

Global citizens, let us conjoin our hands and use the various modes of communication we have at hand: HubPages, Internet, Facebook, Google, Amazon, e-Bay, messages and even e-mails ( the powerful of all, the computer and the mobile). Salutation to Charles Babbage and Martin Cooper for helping us to deliver the message of Love and Peace.

Buildings occupy places of luxuriant greenery. Yet, these buildings are subjected to decay and dissolution. Only structures like 'The Great Wall Of China' ,'The Pyramids' and a few more has survived the sun, the rain and the frost.

Fossil Facts:

Lotus- 15 million years.

Can any man-made structure remain so long?

We call Earth with pride as Planet Blue. Science even supports the fact as 3/4th of our planet is Water and the rest 1/4th is land.

We all are not astronauts but human beings. Therefore, everyone is not so lucky to see Earth as it appears from Space in reality; evidently not talking about Films, Pictures and Videos.

From the Earth, we see it as it is, a wonderful Landscape with flowers,animals,birds and trees; an area full of greenery with trees and Plants is a vista given by God as a Gift.

Thus, the term 'Planet Blue' can be adjusted a little bit.

permanent is superior to impermanent.

In a nutshell, we have to shoulder the responsibility of Saving Earth, Wildlife, Birds, Plants, Trees, Atmosphere, Ozone Layer, Aquatic life and even more natural Gifts.

Every country is already spending enough money and brains on research for developing alternate means of energy. The primary of it comprises Solar Power, an unending source of light and energy.

Let us spread the message:

"Unity in Diversity"



"We all are Flesh and Blood Humans"

"We are one"

For our Perpetual stay here on Earth let us Preserve our Planet by 'Afforestation'.

Already there are enough threats to deal with like HIV, Cancer, Natural Calamities, Accidents and many more.

Thus, let us change the name of our planet, from 'Planet Blue' to 'Planet Green' because it is more practical for our survival.

Today we all human beings are ready to wage an unexpected verbal protest against 'Nature Plunderers', present at every nook and corner of the Earth.

We are certain that each and every country will play a significant role in saving our Planet and in doing so, save ourselves.

Let every Global Citizen join hands and spread these messages in green terms because these messages are evergreen and will stay with us as long as we all exist.

We all are awaiting expectantly for the 'Evergreen Age of Mankind' to begin.

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