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Blue is blue.

Updated on March 25, 2013


Blue, I don’t understand why people assume is a sad color, a lonely color. When it is indeed a very inviting color. Birds fly to greet it in the skies and those that do not have wings look upon it like a dream. Blue is inspiration for the impossible. Blue is deep and mysterious, either far away in galaxies or beneath the ocean; cloaking its many eccentric dwellers.

Blue is music that causes the swing of the hips, the nod of the head, and the tug of the heart. Blue thumps a sturdy rhythm for the dancers on ivory keys but light enough for breathless singers to fill the seats.

Blue is inner peace, allowing the mind to wonder. Understanding that there exist many misunderstandings and some things are just not meant to be understood. Blue is the rush of emotion, crashing against one another, high and low; but in the end, washes away to start a new.

Blue is truth in reflecting ones thoughts. Blue is true because blue reflects ones thoughts and ideas, whether it’s Narcissus’ or Echo’s. That is blue.

Blue is blue.


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