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Bo and the Dreaded Bath

Updated on April 23, 2012
Bo the Dog
Bo the Dog | Source

A poem for Creative writing

Bo was a dog of an unknown breed

With a snarl that was something to see.

But it was only the people he didn’t know

That he’d chase up the nearest tree.

He’d snarl and froth ‘til I called him off

Then his entire demeanor would change.

He’d grin real big with a snaggle tooth smile

An’ I admit that he looked kind a strange.

He’d a tuft of hair on top of his head

That simply refused to stay put.

His fur was scruffy as scruffy can be,

And he looked to be covered with soot.

His dirty appearance once inspired a bath

And I figured the task was mine.

I filled the tub to the very tip top

But when I whistled, Bo started to whine.

I called him again and old Bo ran away

With his head ducked as low as can be.

I chased him down though it took quite a while,

And I finally found him up a tree.

Then I fetched him down and I carried him off

To my mom’s bathroom right off the hall.

He put up a fight, nearly blackening my eye,

And he left some big scrapes on the wall.

Bo started to moan and bellyache and groan

Like I’d just said it was his time to go.

And I figured the best way to shut him up

Was to dump him right into the flow.

Well I stared to dump but he gave me a bump

And he ended up right on the floor.

My footing slipped and I went in his bath

While he hurriedly skittered round the door.

I tried again, my determination high

But that dog always managed escape.

In the end, not a drop had once touched his old hide,

While I ended up in a worse shape.

I only tried to bathe him once,

But once was enough times to see,

More water covered the bathroom and I,

Than it ever had covered he.


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