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Board Book I'm Silly Introduces a New Emotion to Toddlers and Infants

Updated on July 13, 2017
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

New Board Book Teaches a Familiar Emotion

Bestselling brother and sister author/illustrator team Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm are back with a new addition to their My First Comics series. I'm Silly introduces a new emotion to toddlers and infants with the hilarious character Tizzy Tornado. Each previous book in the series with Grumpy Cloud, Sunny, and Chilly introduced a feeling that the youngest readers easily relate to. Toddlers and infants will relate to the feeling of being silly with this new board book.

Tizzy Tornado is feeling silly and causes havoc at his friends' tea party picnic. Sunny and Grumpy Cloud are very disappointed in Tizzy's behavior. Tizzy learns that being silly is not always funny and can hurt people's feelings. Tizzy apologizes for the silly behavior and both Sunny and Grumpy Cloud forgive him. Sunny and Grumpy Cloud offer a cookie and milk to Tizzy to show that he is forgiven. The message is clear that feelings can be both positive and negative.

Holm writes in short sentences and the print is large. Brightly colored illustrations will engage infants and toddlers in the story. Holm uses cartoon-like characters inside panel frames and word balloons with text that make this fun board book similar to comic books for older children. The panel frames present the opportunity for the youngest readers to learn to follow the story in sequence.

I'm Silly was published by Random House Books for Young Readers, a division of Random House Children's Books. It has an ISBN of 978-0-553-53348-4.

New Board Book in Holm's Series My First Comics

Tizzy is asked about his feelings and gives his response.
Tizzy is asked about his feelings and gives his response.
Tizzy interrupts the tea party picnic with his silly behavior
Tizzy interrupts the tea party picnic with his silly behavior

Get Acquainted with Sister/Brother Author/Illustrator Duo

Jennifer L. Holm is a bestselling author with many children's books to her credit. She is also the recipient of three Newberry Honor awards. Her First Comics board book series is a valuable tool for teaching familiar emotions to the youngest readers. Parents will want to add all in the series to their collection. Fans of the beloved character Babymouse will be familiar with this brother-sister team. You may visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at @jenniholm.

Matthew Holm contributes his talents as an illustrator to team with his sister to create creative books for children. Matthew is a graphic designer and freelance writer. You may visit his website at and follow him on Twitter at @mattholm.

Illustrations Present Opportunities for Learning to Sequence and Use Expressive Reading

Illustration set in panels present the opportunity to learn sequencing
Illustration set in panels present the opportunity to learn sequencing
Illustration presents opportunity for expressive reading
Illustration presents opportunity for expressive reading

Tips for Helping Toddlers and Infants Learn About Emotions

Parents are the first teachers for their infants and toddlers. Learning about emotions and how to handle these emotions are important in healthy development for infants and toddlers. Engaging in face-to-face play and reading stories like I'm Silly are helpful in teaching these skills. Parents can model facial expressions to show emotions. Showing happiness with a smile, anger with a "mad face", and sad with a frown are simple facial expressions to begin with. Infants from 3-6 months will respond to these facial expressions. It is a good idea to use a mirror with face-to-face play when modeling these facial expressions. Allow the infant or toddler to look in the mirror when they make an attempt to copy your facial expression. Infants and toddlers will not understand these words at first, but parents can begin teaching the words that match the facial expressions. Feeling words such as "excited", "cheerful", "silly", and "proud" can be used.

Board Books and Cartoons for Infants and Toddlers

Holm's My First Comics series in the form of board books that resemble comic books for older children are fun choices to introduce your infant/toddler to comics. Young children enjoy comic books with not-too-scary characters and characters who demonstrate heroic character traits. Comic books are also good choices for young readers in that they have positive messages within the story and also can teach cultural diversity.

Board books for infants/toddlers are good choices in that these are sturdy and can survive the chewing activities that are inevitable at this age. Board books are constructed with safe and durable cloth, vinyl, or thick cardboard. The pages are easy for infants/toddlers to turn as they learn to handle books. Board books are now available in almost all titles that are written for young readers. Board books make a great addition to your child's first library.

Learning About Emotions

How are you teaching your infants/toddlers about emotions?

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