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Body In The Mirror

Updated on July 29, 2016

One night a wife who struggle to meet daily needs because prices are inflated asking for extra spending money to her husband who is stingy. the husband took out a 50,000 rupiah money from her purse and held it up to a mirror , "you see the money that is in the mirror ? it's your money , that 's my money ! " he returned the money was back in his wallet .

The next night the husband was surprised when she had just returned from work he saw satay and curry goat at the dinner table , and then he asked his wife, " where did you get the money to buy all that food ? " . his wife did not answer , but pulled his hand towards the room , in the room the husband repeated his question , and then she undressed and walked to the front of the mirror , "you see the body dicermin it ? it's yours , that it has the salesman goat ! "


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    • Devien Baguskara profile image

      Devien Baguskara 16 months ago from Tangerang, Indonesia