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Dating Advice: How to Read Body Language

Updated on October 16, 2015

Learn How To Read Body Language

Want to learn how to read body language and become skilled in reading, interpreting and understanding the body language of people, particularly when dating? Take some time to learn from the experts. And then put what you learn into action.

Understanding and being able to read the body language of others is an invaluable tool that will benefit you in almost every social interaction. For instance,

  • Crossed arms indicates some kind of 'barrier'. You'll know you are getting through and breaking down that barrier when a person's body language changes from arms crossed to more receptive signs.
  • A woman playing with her hair as she talks with you might be 'preening' to try and impress you. Her other body language signals will tell you for sure if she is!

When you learn how to read body language signals, you are equipped with new skills. Suddenly you are receiving all kinds of new communication clues.

Learning how to read body language is essential
Learning how to read body language is essential

Body Language in Relationships

Observing the body language of a person can tell you whether or not they'll be interested in entering a relationship with you. How can you tell if a guy or girl is interested or likes you?

  • Anyone who smiles and laughs openly is enjoying themselves and probably enjoying your company. Compare that to someone who smirks or chuckles in a dismissive way.
  • If a person faces you directly, they are open to you. If they stand or sit with their back turned, they are much less interested.
  • When a person nods or shows other signs of listening and responding during conversations with you, that's a good indication they are interested in what you are saying.
  • There's few things worth than being ignored when you are trying to talk with a partner.
  • Touching is another body language signal. Is the person you are interested in touching their face, their hair or you when you are talking?

Observing body language signs and signals can give you strong indication on how a partner or possible girlfriend or boyfriend feels about you.

Body Language and Dating in the Workplace

It helps to be able to effectively read body language in the workplace. If you are dreaming of dating a co-worker or your boss, pay careful attention to their body language.

Making a move on your boss could be a big mistake. As well as the disappointment of having your advances rejected, you might lose your job! It is important to read body language signals properly. Don't just be hopeful they'll feel the same way you do.

If for instance someone puts their hand on your shoulder (or rests their hand against your back) in the workplace, what does that mean?

  • Being supportive
  • Trying to physically guide you
  • Fatherly gesture
  • Can't keep their hands off you!

To accurately guess just exactly what that kind of touch means, you'll need to check other body language features.

Lots of people who work together start dating. For many, their relationship becomes solid and strong. For any relationship to begin, someone has to make the first move. Reading and understanding body language can help avoid costly mistakes.

You don't want your advances to a co-worker to be seen as sexual harassment. Make sure you read their body language accurately before thinking about asking anyone in the workplace on a date.

Why Observe and Read Body Language?

There are many reasons why it is useful to observe and read body language. For instance, you can read body language signs and signals to:

  • Gain clues about the personality (and intentions) of people you meet
  • Decide whether or not to ask someone on a date
  • Understand what your co-workers are actually 'saying' to you
  • Know when a relationship is going bad
  • Decide who to trust, and who to stay away from
  • Modify your own body language to more clearly express your own intentions.

If you want to become more skilled at identifying the clues, books about how to read and interpret body language are an important resource.

Below are my recommendations of helpful titles for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of human body language. Written by expert authors so you can know how to apply the principles to read body language clues from everyone you meet

Best Books on Body Language

  1. Reading people: how to understand people and predict their behavior anytime any place
  2. Love signals: a practical field guide to the body language of courtship by David B Givens
  3. The definitive book of body language: by Allan and Barbara Pease
  4. I can read you like a book: how to spot messages and emotions people are really sending with their body language by Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch
  5. Put your best foot forward: make a great impression by taking control of how others see you- written by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Mark Mazzarella
  6. Telling lies: clues to deceit in the marketplace, politics and marriage by Paul Ekman

© 2012 Daniel Long


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