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Bonds of Friendship (Inspired by the book "The Great Gatsby")

Updated on April 6, 2016

Bonds Of Freindship

If you could save your friend's life by betraying him and telling his secret would you? Well, luckily I have never been in that situation, but to me loyalty and honesty has always been important in a friendship. In "The Great Gatsby" the main character Nick Carraway displays exceptional loyalty and honesty to his friends. With theses attributes I could have been friends with Nick.

To me loyalty is a very important moral to have with your friends and Nick seems to demonstrate this very well. He never even once tells Gatsby's secret, of the fact Daisy was driving not him. His loyalty to Gatsby allowed Nick to keep the secret because it was Gatsby's wish that he would be the one who takes the blame even though it led to Gatsby's death. "There was nothing I could say, except the one unutterable fact that it wasn't true" even then Nick Because of his loyalty to Gatsby wasn't able to tell Tom the truth, but in fact let Tom keep talking (Pg. 178). Nick was so loyal that he was even "on Gatsby's side, and alone" during Gatsby's funeral.(Pg. 164). Even though Gatsby was dead and he himself was alone Nick still tried his best to help Gatsby get someone to his funeral.To me that speaks true loyalty to your friends. Even with everyone against or ignoring him, Still pressed on and put together Gatsby's funeral while at the same time keeping his secret. To me, that proves he was indeed exceptionally loyal to Mr. Gatsby.

Probably one of the other most important aspects of a friendship to me is honesty. On page 59 Nick declares "I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known". To me, this is true. Nick is reasonably a honest guy and even adds in a few things that most people would try to avoid. Particularly comments that make him or her seem less appealing or admit they weren't always so honest or great. For example in the book, on page 2 we read the statement "my father snobbishly suggested and I snobbishly repeated". By calling himself a snob, it clearly shows that he is honest enough to not lie about himself in order to make him look better. By the end of the book when Nick meets Tom for the last time his honesty and advice from his father helped him realize who Tom and Daisy actually were "careless people, they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money", this disgusted Nick to the point that he objected to shake Tom's hand and honesty told him why. (Pg. 178). Be cause of Nick's honesty he didn't care how it made him look; in the book, he only shook Tom's hand in the end because he thought of him as a child. For these reasons and events i truly think Nick is a honest man.

Yes I would be friends with Nick Carraway. Often times I find honesty and loyalty to your friends goes a long way in life and I appreciate that. It's true, Nick didn't tell everything to his friends, but one could argue that was simply because they never asked. Another could argue he was simply protecting his "friends" secrets that they entrusted to him. Personally I think it was his honesty and loyalty to his friends that prevented him from telling everything. Nick in the end chose to be loyal and honest to Gatsby and his secret even though it inevitably led to Gatsby's death. To me a true friend is the one that is still loyal and honest to you even after death.

Written By: Garrett Biebinger

Edited/Posted By: Kaylee Wright with Garrett's permission.


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