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Book III:Fifty Shades Freed

Updated on July 10, 2012

A trilogy wouldn't be a trilogy without the third book, right? The third book completes the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Has their love become strong enough that they learn to love and trust each other? Does he get married with her and change the way he sees life? To those of you who want to know a little summary about the book, this will provide a little review but if you want to read the book before reading this go ahead.

Well, if you have read the second book, then you know that Christian does ask Anastasia to marry him because he knows that she is the right one for him. Christian was the first guy she was with and now the last guy because she loves him a lot to finally say yes to marrying him. The third book starts off with them already married and now they are heading to their honeymoon. Anastasia still can't believe that she is married to Christian and that she married a millionaire. She is so used to working and fending for herself that she has to be reminded that she is now married to a wealthy man. But, of course, she still wants to work even though she knows she can have everything and still stay home.

They enjoy their honeymoon, it is like a fairytale, no worries and it is just the two of them. But like every honeymoon it has to end and time to go back home and start the new routine of marriage life. Anastasia at first wants to keep her last name at least at work but Christian asks her if she is ashamed of his name or even him that she wants to keep her last name, so she decides to change it to make him happy.

An old enemy who recently left the life the Anastasia and Christian decides to come back and terrorize them because of revenge. so there is still a lot of security around them and their family. Now comes the thought of having a baby. They don't exactly want a baby just yet because Anastasia is starting a career and doesn't feel ready. But do they have a baby? You know what happens after a while of being married, a baby right? Well, Anastasia finds out that she is pregnant and is afraid to tell Christian because of how he may react and she has all the reason too.

How does Christian react with the news of the baby? Can their love for each other surpass the little things that happen in their marriage? Does this review make you want to know all the answers to the questions just asked? Well, if it does, this last book really brings a good ending to this trilogy of Fifty Shades. Yes, it is a good ending, but how does it end, only reading it will answer that question.


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    • Bettyoverstreet10 profile image

      Betty (Alawine) Overstreet 5 years ago from Vacaville, Ca.

      Well, thanks, now I don't need to read the Grey books because I know now what everyone is talking about. I have heard that they are quite provocative,ie, lots of sexual description, etc. that has kept me from reading them, as I don't care to peek at other peoples love life, prefer to enjoy my own :) Have a great day!