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Book List For Traders And Investors

Updated on March 18, 2013

Reading List For Traders And Investors


Jess Livermore Caused The 1929 Stock Market Crash

Did you know that because of his reputation as a speculator, market bear and wild successes Jesse Livermore was blamed by many people for causing the stock market crash of 1929.

Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator

This is my favorite book about trading and the stock market. It is the psuedo-fictional autobiographical account of Jesse Livermore, the greatest stock trader of the 20th century and possibly all time.

The story is the account of a poor boy in New York City who learned to trade stocks in the seedy underbelly of the financial world, "bucket shops". The story is told from the perspective of a reporter who one day happened to be told this story. Later, he writes it all down and the book, "Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator" is born.

After leaving home and entering the world of the New York Stock Exchange Jesse has a string of losses and goes bust more than a dozen times. The story goes on to describe the transition he had to make in order to become a successful trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Trading Success Comes With A Price

I have each of these books more than once and often refer back to them. I learn something new each time I do.
I have each of these books more than once and often refer back to them. I learn something new each time I do. | Source

Education Is The Root Of Investing Success

Successful investing starts with knowledge, knowledge is power and power is money. By educating yourself before you enter the stock market you can empower yourself and enhance your chances of success. The books listed below are a great start for new, intermediate and even experienced traders. Each book is full of information, insights and tips on how to create and manage a trading system. Each time I read them I learn something new, something that helps me to use the things I already know. The markets change, economic conditions change and so will you. As your perspective grows and the markets change you will need to change your strategy or approach.

Technical Analysis Explained: Martin T Pring

Technical Analysis Explained is the bible of technical analysis. Technical analysis is the scientific study of financial markets through observation and statistical analysis. It is based on charts, price patterns and a host of other indicators and techniques. Technical Analysis Explained teaches the history and methodology of technical analysis and how traders can apply this knowledge as part of a successful trading system. Martin T Pring does a fantastic job of taking novice analysts through the steps of proper technical trading and strategy development.

Trading For A living

Trading For A Living is written by Dr. Alexander Elder. Dr. Elder is an immigrant to America, a long time stock operator and the creator of a popular trading tool known as Elder Rays. His book, "Trading For A Living", is his story. How he came to America, how he began trading stocks and the lessons he learned along the way. The book also talks about Elder Rays and how to use them with other technical analysis indicators.

Candlestick Charts: Trade Like A Samurai

Candle stick charting is a method of displaying stock chart information that dates back hundreds of years to the rice markets of Japan. The price information is charted so that bullish action is white, bearish action is black and any price movement that exceeds the open/close range is shown as a line. The charting style has gained widespread acceptance and use in the investing world. Candlestick charts can be used for equities, options, forex and commodities. Learning to recognize and apply candlestick signals will enhance your trading system.

This Is A Good List Of Books On Trading

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Trading In The Zone: The Zen Of Trading

Do you ever wonder why you are not making money in the stock market? Do you second guess yourself once a trade order is placed? "Trading In The Zone" is the book for you. It is about how and why you should be confident in the market. Learn how to trade with direction and purpose and how not to spend all day watching the charts, hoping that your losing trade will turn. This book is the Tao of trading, it will help you reach a zen perspective on trading the stock market.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is the book that every American should have to read. Scratch that, every person should have to read it. It is the story of a man who grew up knowing two different father figures. One father worked hard at a job and relied on the system to take care of him. He was highly successful but failed to end life in comfort. The other dad was interested in small business and cash flow. He taught the importance of using money to make money and passive income.


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    • clemchambers profile image

      clemchambers 5 years ago

      Knowledge is power - couldn't agree more.

      Here's my book list:

      A Random Walk down Wall Street - Burton G. Malkiel

      The market is random, which is why it is very hard to beat. Malkiel's classic gives you the ground rules of the game you are playing and trying to master. Once you realise how random the market is and how it is driven, you have the reason why it's hard to get rich trading stocks and why investing is the way to go. Like all rules of the road, they can be bent and broken, but with them you are well and truely lost. This is the one book to read before you dive into the shark tank.

      The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

      Graham was the master investor. He taught Warren Buffett, and his book is still the go to book for people who want to make money from stocks over the long term. The stock market treats the long-term investor well, but the trader harshly, so if you want to build wealth, investing is the way to go. This is the definitive book.

      The Snowball - Alice Schroeder

      Warren Buffett has done quite well investing. It's a good idea to find out how.

      Where are the customers' yachts? - Fred Schwed

      The stock market can seem like a shark tank and this is the classic book that spells it all out. This is what not to do and why. Like a "Random Walk down Wall Street" this book shows the pitfalls you must watch out for in an amusing and insightful way. A classic.

      Contrarian Investing - Anthony Gallea and William Patalon

      How to pick stocks that run against the herd mentality; something which gets so many people into trouble. Contrarian - and mainly value investing - is covered in an easy to follow guide. This book made me money, so what more do you need from a book on investing?

      Ok, so I should also mention my own book: 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners.