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Book Report on Donald Trump's Book "Time to Get Tough"

Updated on August 18, 2015

After reading Donald Trumps book "Time to Get Tough I thought I'd share with readers a summary. In this summary I will recap Donald's plans on job creation, Chinese finances and trade, negotiations with OPEC, foreign affairs improvements, his tax plan, ideas on reducing federal debt, Obamacare perils, immigration reform ideas, and add a few tidbits of information and thoughts that crossed my mind while reading the book. In the wake of 2016 elections I hope readers will find it thought inspiring and help in their decision making.

On job creation Trump wants to pass "Bring Jobs Back to America Act" (HR 516) to help expand the on shoring movement and get American jobs back on American soil (p39). I personally am not sure about this. Yes it would create jobs but those shops are HOT, SWEATY, and cause POLUTION. There could definitely be some job creation in making those shops bearable. AC technicians could be hired, construction workers and ergonomic specialists could work together to make standing on a cement floor for eight hours a thing of the past, and green job creation for smog would need to be mandatory. Okay getting off my soap box. Back to Trump, he believes through negotiations that we can convince China to reevaluate the yuan and close the 40% to 50% devaluation gap between it and the dollar. Twenty percent of the yuans reevaluation should come through pressing the Chinese to abide by fair trade rules creating 300,000 to 700,000 new jobs in America over 2-3 years(41). Further he would like to enforce a 25% penalty tax on China's imports. If we produce and buy American this is good. If China keeps the manufacturers we are going to pay more for our purchases. The practice of technology transfers practiced by the Chinese government for entrance into the Chinese market is banned by the World Trade Organization as an unfair trade practice (p43). Trump also believes China is stealing our governments defense intelligence through cyber warfare, hiding their true military budget by dividing it amongst several government departments, and that they are increasing the size and power of their military.

If you look up a list of programmers noted for their contributions in software their are some note able names that are Chinese. Daniel Ha and Jerry Yang are two examples but most of the software contributors are not of Chinese decent. (Wiki 8/15) Maybe they are doing cyber warfare, I don't know? Further investigation into Trumps claims about the Chinese leads me to believe in his governing expectations. The Chinese according to a Reuters investigation are increasing their military, especially their naval forces. The Chinese want to use the straights near Japan to export and import their goods. The straights are near Okinawa making US an obstacle because of our ties to Japan and the naval base. In the Chinese eyes we are preventing their growth one with international trade agreements and two with our presence in the Ocean. Should a conflict between Japan and China outbreak we are caught in the middle. Don't forget, the dangers of nuclear reactors in that region. Ninety percent of China's trade is through the sea, yes they are going to fight for their livelihoods.

Ok back to Trump. OPEC countries are working together using our money spent on their oil to corner us into a trap. Iran and Venezuela are building a military base not far from Florida and transporting Iran's missiles to the base. We are paying for this. If we release funds to Iran they will continue their building. They will probably move evidence around to hide their endeavors. The Iran deal probably covers inspections in Iran but does it cover inspections in Venezuela also? Further Russia having lost a customer with Iran during sanctions is ready to sell air defense systems to Venezuela.

Trump contemplates suing OPEC for violating antitrust laws. There is a difficulty in doing this as each individual state of OPEC would have to be sued individually. Trump wants to first have Congress pass and the President sign the "No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act" (NOPEC) (S. 394) which amends the Sherman Antitrust Act making it illegal for foreign governments to collectively limit production or set prices. (P22). President George W Bush, according to Trump, got spooked and threatened to veto the bill. He feared retaliation (p22). Venezuela is not retaliatory? Trump wants to utilize our Natural Gas resources right here in America for energy and drill for oil on our own land reducing dependence on the Middle East.

Regarding foreign affairs, Trump attacks Obama for the wrong he has aided and a weakened international reputation he earned us. Trump suggests negotiations with foreign countries should make us richer in oil. Trump indicates the lack of record keeping and missing artillery from the US. He cites hotspots in our military vision, Iran, Venezuela, China, and Russia to name a few. Trump suggests we strengthen our military stance. Trump seems to have insight into the under the cuff aid going on between countries with common purposes such as oil, weapons, and strategic placements of military force and influence.

Trumps tax plan is called the 1-5-10-15 plan. He wants to do away with the death tax, eliminate corporate tax, to create more jobs, Currently $473 billion is collected in corporate taxes and to increase jobs we need to decrease tax revenue. He would like to tax corporations 15% for outsourcing jobs. And impose a 20% tax on imports. The numbers go like this. Individuals earning up to $30,000 would be taxed at 1%, $30,000 to $ 100,000 would be taxed at 5%, $100,000 to $1,000,000, would be taxed at 10 %, and $1,000,000 and beyond would be taxed at 15%. Trump does not indicate how regulation of CEO salaries will work if CEOs report lower salaries and keep money in the business.

Trump will reduce our federal debt by bringing home jobs and money being spent because of OPEC regulations, streamline data centers and stop wasteful research projects that do not aid in government and business growth or offer worthwhile benefits to the citizens, and will crack down on Medicare disability, and low income housing fraud. This fraud is estimated at $3,000,000,000 over a decade decreasing seniors and legitimate social security funding availability.

Trump if elected president would like to repeal Obamacare stating it costs taxpayers $2 trillion dollars over 10 years and 1.6 million jobs. He would like to see Tort reform because practicing defensive medicine doctors drive up medical costs. Instead he would like to see loser pays provisions where the doctors are not the ones always paying the lawyers. To drive insurance costs down he would like to see increased competition and creation of more insurance companies.

On immigration Trump favors the triple layered fence in Yuma, AZ (20 ft wall separated by 75 yard no man's land X3). He would like to enforce deportation laws currently frozen by the Obama Administration. Trump feels we should repeal ICE provisions. These provisions give resort like privileges to detainees. The Dream Act, he says, which allows for in state tuition costs for illegals in the US should also be repealed. Finally, Trump would like to repeal anchor baby provisions. The babies are born here in the US but both parents are illegal aliens. The baby being a U S citizen gives them ties to the US.

Just a little tidbit on immigration laws imposed on us if we were to go to Mexico to give you something to think about. Did you know that if someone wants to engage in business or live in Mexico they are required to have a bachelor degree? There are two kinds of visa's in Mexico, one to visit and one for people wanting to stay In Mexico long term. The first is a temporary resident visa allowing 6 months to four years stay and is renewable. You must provide financial proof to be able to sustain yourself. The second is a permanent visa for retirees, investors, and professionals (technical, scientific, artists, and sports people.

Trumps plan does not address taxing money being sent abroad by immigrants. A western union tax. The plan attacks immigrants who are enrolled in life bettering programs rather than focusing on citizenship rules. Personnel and implementors of citizenship rules will create jobs. Trumps wife, having gone through the process to become a legal citizen will be a fountain of knowledge for these programs.

I was kinda disappointed Trump did not address how we would stop spending money with wars but now may not be the time.

References: "China's hawks take the defensive" by David Lague 1/17/2013 "Iranian Missile Base in Venezuela Moves Forward" IsraelI Natural Resources 5/20/2011.

"Time to Get Tough". Donald Trump 2011


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