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Book Review: A Parfait Murder by Wendy Lyn Watson

Updated on November 7, 2014
A Parfait Murder
A Parfait Murder

Maury Povich Could Have Seen This One Coming

If the last few pages of A Parfait Murder this third and last installment of the Mystery A la Mode series would have been great.

The Lantana County fair is just beginning under the hot Texas sky and the folks from the Remember the A-la-mode ice cream shop have set up a booth to help ease the heat for the visitors. One unexpected visitor to the fair is dead beat dad Sonny Anders and his girlfriend Charlize.

He's come to town to serve his ex, Bree Michaels to prove that her daughter Alice isn't his. It's been over seventeen years since Alice's birth and when Sonny comes back flashing wads of dollar bills, Bree feels she needs a piece of the pie for back child support.

What Bree doesn't know is she'll soon be the main suspect in the murder of Sonny's attorney Kristen Ver Steeg right there Doc Lister's Wild, Wild West haunted house. After Kristen's murder, it's up to Bree's cousin, Tallulah "Tally" Jones to solve the crime.

Author Wendy Lyn Watson is a good writer, but in this installment the plot sort or falls flat. She has too many storylines going on all at once which seems to lessen the pace. I was really hoping to like this installment since there's something about a fair and while I don't get to them, I like to live the experience through the characters.

If Watson does return to writing, I hope she can come up with a series which would top this one. While reading this installment, I kept wondering if I had read the first two installments because nothing about this installment jumped out at me and after looking through my past reviews, I did review the previous installments but then again, I thought they were lukewarm at best.


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