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Book Review About Mark Stephen O'Neals' Book "Blind Fury"

Updated on October 22, 2018
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Milton Kelly is a published Author of three books. He is an Advocate of Mental Health and currently a Mental Health Peer Specialist.


Title : Blind Fury

Author: Mark Stephen O'Neal

Publisher: Mark O'Neal Books

Number of Pages: 96

About The Author

Mark Stephen O'Neal is an African American author who currently resides in Chicago and writes urban crime fiction books. I enjoy watching crime dramas, comedy and sports; and I love travelling in my spare time. He is also a follower of Christ who strives to be a positive influence daily. Look out for various new novels to be released in the near future

About This Book

Julian Brown's life is in turmoil when his wife Vanessa of eighteen years files for a divorce, and he loses his job within a two-year span. He tries to pick up the pieces of his fractured existence only to be crushed completely by another blow, the murder of his thirteen-year-old son Miles. Julian fights to keep his sanity and stops at nothing to find the person or persons responsible for his son's death, even if it means putting his own life in danger. Blind Fury is a story of survival and determination in the unforgiving streets of Chicago.

Book Review About Blind Fury

"Blind Fury" written by Mark Stephen O'Neal is a wonderful Christian Fiction Book. Mark created a narrative about the Character of Julian who lost everything. Julian lost his job and experience a failed marriage that ends up in divorce. Julian also dealing with the loss of his son, Miles by being gunned down. After the murder of Miles both Vanessa and Julian we're having a difficult time during their grief. Julian took his son death the hardest. Julian's anger were roaring like a raging inferno that the bottle of Jack Daniels were his best friend. The theme of this narrative were revenge, anger, forgiveness and love. Through the trials and tribulations Julian was able to overcome by being a better stronger man and surrender his life to Christ. I really enjoyed reading "Blind Fury" so much that there were a lot of life lessons that we can learned from the Character of Julian. We as Christian must learn to use the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness isn't easy but with the Grace of God, we can be healed from our pain and hurts. Julian finally allowed himself to be healed by letting people who cares about him including Vanessa. Not only that Vanessa and Julian got back together but they have found a happy ending. I am looking forward to read more books by this Author. This great story in my opinion will definitely captivates the readers just like it did for me.

© 2018 Milton Kelly


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