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Book Review: All Sales Final by Josie Belle

Updated on December 16, 2017

As the Good Buy Girls prepare to end their adventures, I have to say first of all that this was probably one of the worst endings to a series. More of that later.

For main character Maggie Gerber, her life couldn’t get any better. She’s finally going to marry her long time love Sam and as she begins this new chapter in her life, the happy couple are purchasing their dream home. But is it haunted?

While content with the upcoming wedding, Maggie does seem to harbor some reservations. She knows Sam loves her, but after a decades old skeleton is found in a root cellar, her doubt about the wedding and it’s afterlife comes into play when a former colleague of Sam’s helps with identifying the remains.

According to her nemesis, Summer, the colleague definitely has eyes on Sam and begins to fill Maggie’s head with all sorts of theories. Maybe this is why Maggie has been dragging her feet when it comes to the wedding preparations.

Whenever she thinks she’s moving forward, she realizes that she’s going two steps back.

What really gets to me about this book (and it makes for a scratching your head moment) was how the couple had keys to their abandoned house and were able to spend the night there. It wasn’t only the couple, but Maggie and the girls were also able to spend the night.

The latter sets it up for the haunting angle.

I really don’t know of any real estate agent that would just hand over the keys, nor do they seem to have past a credit check. In a fictional story anything is possible.

Of course Maggie does do some investigating and gets herself into the required trouble, but the problem throughout the series has been that it doesn’t read like a mystery. It’s more of a character study with a murder thrown in for good measure.

As for the ending, the future is summed up in one sentence. Based on the ending, it would be easy to reboot the series, but I hope not.

Belle has taken Maggie and the Good Buy Girls as far as she could.

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