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Book Review: Bedeviled Eggs by Laura Childs

Updated on November 6, 2014
Halloween in Kindred is the most frightening time of the year
Halloween in Kindred is the most frightening time of the year

Halloween's Never Been This Deadly

As Bedeviled Eggs opens its Halloween/Election season and mayoral candidate Chuck Peebler loses a week before the election thanks to an arrow between the eyes.

The restaurant is in the throes of closing down after a "read dating" (kind of like speed dating). Owner Suzanne Dietz thinks it would be better for people to meet through their favorite authors and while she and Chuck are in the back parking lot an arrow comes flying through the woods. After a quick determination that Chuck is dead, the killer sets his sight on Suzanne.

She narrowly escapes back into the restaurant and after a call to Sherriff Doogie she finds herself involved in yet another murder in the small town of Kindred (and they say crime runs rampant in big cities!).

Once again author Laura Childs has given us a whole new list of suspects to choose from and in this installment Suzanne is more harassed than in past installments. During a radio call in show that she agrees to do the killer calls in needing "some advice on how to get rid of a nosy woman." Terrified she plays along with the caller.

As in past installments a week has generally gone by and there's a lot of things for her to do in order to keep her mind off of things.

She has the big Halloween party to work on while catering the Cashmere and Cabernet trunk show at Carmen Copeland's shop. Sadly, Carmen isn't in this book too much and when she does appear she makes her presence known. When she hears that a new author will be signing copies of her book Carmen calls her a nobody, but decides to show up anyway so she can become the main attraction.

Suzanne also learns that Carmen's new project of the week is to open a coffee shop in the guise of The Cackleberry Club which irritates Suzanne to no end.

While the pace is sometimes slow on this rollercoaster ride, Childs does pull you back into the action and suspense causing you to keep on reading. As I panned the first book I've really gotten to know the central characters and I wish I had a close knit group of friends like Suzanne, Petra and Toni. They all make a great fit for one another.

What's made these last two installments unique are the murders and events planned are original which keep the pages turning. I've found that if you start reading the series (for any book basically) it gets easier to understand the characters and everything is still fresh in your mind.

Recipes are again included at the conclusion of the book along with a teaser chapter for the next Childs' other series the Tea Shop Mysteries.


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