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Book Review: Beewitched by Hannah Reed

Updated on November 7, 2014
Fifth installment of the Queen Bee Mysteries
Fifth installment of the Queen Bee Mysteries

Living Next to a Witch Can Bee Murder

It's been almost a year since that foot fetish bee keeper Story Fischer popped up and in the fifth Queen Bee mystery, there's a lot going on in town.

As Beewitched opens, Story and nosy neighbor Patti Dwyre are watching Dyanna Crane move into the house next to her. Right off the bat, Patti tells Story that the new neighbor is a witch and knows that she's putting a curse on the town as they watch. Actually, Dyanna's blessing the house and while Story doesn't believe in the occult, Patti hightails it out of town.

Or at least that's what she's saying.

When Story goes to her store, The Wild Clover, a group of women (all dressed in black) arrives and while not overtly obvious, Story figures that this must be the coven Dyanna belongs to. Patti seems to have been right once again.

The coven has come to perform a new-moon ritual and while they're short one witch, Story suggests her neighbor from across the street. They don't seem to mind and later that night while the witches begin their ritual Story goes out and watches them. She fears something isn't right and is afraid that her neighbor is about to become a human sacrifice since a knife she saw earlier has disappeared.

Quietly she approaches the coven as they frolic in the river and she rescues Aurora. The coven gets caught by the chief of police and they move onto the orchard where they'll be camping out for the next couple of nights. Only they weren't expecting one of their own to end up dead.

Since Story and the chief don't see eye to eye, she's hauled into the police station once more for sticking her nose into police business, even though he's working the case with her boyfriend, Hunter Wallace.

Things start to get out of hand with Patti while Story vows never to speak to Patti again, but knows that she needs her in order to continue to snoop. Afterall, Patti is tech savvy and has an abundance of survey equipment.

Author Hannah Reed has once again pulled off a great read and what life in a small town must be like where everyone knows not only your name but your business to boot. She's created such great characters and enemies for Story that you wished you could be a fly on the wall for a lot of this madness.

While most crimozies only have the main character with one nemesis, Story has plenty and you have to wonder just who Reed has modeled these characters after.


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