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Book Review: Bushel Full of Murder by Paige Shelton

Updated on February 14, 2018

Trying to find the words to end a mystery series is hard, especially for this series since it was like meeting up with an old friend that you hadn't seen in forever.

As this novel sat on my bookshelf (I didn't know that this was the last installment) I picked it up and knowing that this was the ending, I thought back to how much I've enjoyed the series. For some reason this series is laid back and really makes you believe that you're living in the South Carolina countryside. I think I even wanted to learn how to make jams and preserves just to work in a farmer's market! Both will never happen.

So onto the task at hand as we say goodbye to Becca Robins.

Bailey's Farmer's Market is hosting a few food trucks and without her knowledge, Becca and twin sister Allison's younger cousin, Peyton, is on her way to sell hot dogs out of her food truck. With the arrival of Peyton, there's also some controversy associated with the millennial.

Becca is tipped off when her friend Harry, a detective from Arizona arrives and he fills her in on the investigation he has regarding Peyton. When Peyton left Arizona, she was believed to have stolen a secret recipe from the restaurant that she worked at, plus was the main suspect in stealing $50,000 from them. Assault was also on the menu and Harry doesn't know how she was able to pay cash for the food truck.

After her arrival, the town's business license manager is found dead with the handwritten recipe. The day before, he was seen arguing with Peyton and now it's up to Becca, Allison, Harry and Becca's boyfriend Sam to clear Peyton's name.

If you're looking for a fast read in which the action is non stop, this is novel is a great way to spend a lazy day. It's quick and for some reason, Shelton has always stumped me. I think I may have guessed who the murderer was in one of her books, but, you will be transported into the action.

The minor characters who work at the farmer's market are just as interesting and unfortunately, I never could find the novella in which Harry appears. I thought maybe the publisher would have sent something, but they never did. I really don't think you need to read it, since it was so long ago and events aren't necessary for the series. There are mentions to the novella, but is treated as something in the past. In fact, I don't recall if Becca has made any plans to visit Arizona in the early installments.

I have to give Shelton a big thank you for writing such great mysteries. They have always been fun and clever and as I said, she will put you into the action and while the ending is somewhat of a cliffhanger, you can almost draw your own conclusion as to how it ends.

Unless the series is rebooted, like so many things are today.

Farmer's Market Mysteries:

Farm Fresh Murder

Fruit of All Evil

Crops and Robbers

Red Hot Deadly Peppers (novella)

A Killer Maize

Merry Market Murder

Bushel Full of Murder


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    • Eric Tuchelske 1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Tuchelske 

      11 months ago from Detroit

      It's a great series and well worth reading.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      11 months ago from United States

      Thanks for another review! I love the titles of cozy mysteries and you've piqued my interest in this series.


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