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Book Review: Corpse in the Crystal Ball by Kari Lee Townsend

Updated on November 29, 2017
Corpse in the Crystal Ball
Corpse in the Crystal Ball

A fresh mystery series can go either way.

It could start off slow then get better with each new installment, or it can tank. Unfortunately, author Kari Lee Townsend nailed the coffin on herself with the second installment to this series.

in this installment, psychic Sunshine “Sunny “ Meadows, finds herself trying to clear Detective Mitch Stone’s name after he becomes the prime suspect in his ex-girlfriends murder. Her body is found in the woods with his name scrawled next to it. This makes a good premise, but the story goes downhill from there.


Townsend introduces too many unnecessary characters (especially Granny Gert) that weigh the story down. Granny is supposed to bring “comic relief“ but is really nothing but a nuisance. She just pops up unannounced and starts baking cookies for everyone in town.

Since I felt the story was weighed down by too many characters, I started to lose interest really fast and when Isabel’s (the ex-girlfriend) twin sister also showed up, I was hoping for some type of plot twist . Well, there are a couple, but by that time I was page counting.

I also lost interest in Sunny. She whines too much about Mitch while being jealous of the dead girls sister. In the first installment, Sunny has a vision of her and Mitch together so, she shouldn’t have been whiny throughout the story.

If this was edited better, I think the story would have been tighter and maybe a little more enjoyable.

This was one book I wanted to throw across the room more than once.


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