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Book Review-DEMONGATE Onyx Brimstone-Comic Fantasy Adventure-Author Jason Rees

Updated on May 18, 2012

Book Review-DEMONGATE Onyx Brimstone-Comic Fantasy Adventure

Onyx Brimstone: Book Review: Comic Fantasy Adventure 149 Pages: Author Jason Rees

By Dale Ovenstone February 2012

I don’t know about you but I do enjoy a good story in as much as I was asked recently to provide my input on up & coming new author & illustrator ‘Jason Rees’ & his work so here in, is my opinion of his new book for your benefit please enjoy!

Book Review! Hit or Miss?

Just this week I received my physical copy of this mystical fantasy comic adventure & first impressions I must say, impressive, the front cover is colourfully vibrant & after reading the burp on the back page I had to dive straight in:

Synopsis: Just your normal quiet town on the planet of Asyrus minding its own business but something nasty lurks deep within the dead of night as the rain lashed relentlessly & we spot the cloaked fellow running for his life through the misty cobbled alleyways crisscrossing this mystical city huffing & puffing he is terrified & eventually, reaching the vibrancy of the inn & maybe, he hopes, the place of his savior he even manages to bang the door with all his might but unfortunately for him, it’s just seconds too late!

This whole book from start to finish is illustrated just like a comic should be & each well sketched picture paints a thousand words your imagination just takes over.

The black & grey murky background format the author has chosen for the interior magically adds even more so to the dark setting of this futuristic fantasy set on the peaceful planet Asyrus whereas the sheer brightness of the white speech bubbles & particularly, the facial eye expressions does wonders for the story as one is compelled to read onwards!

The dark creatures creep out at night sucking souls slaying innocent town folk only; they haven’t yet come across the international guard’s highly intelligent mage Onyx Brimstone. & when we say highly intelligent, what we really mean is, he’s passed an exam! & when we say Brave; let’s just say he’s brave…so long as there’s nothing too terrifying for him to face! Oh dear, looks like they assigned this mission to the wrong person this time.

& it certainly does look this way, for the sake of this town & for the whole of this planet; Onyx Brimstone must use all his magical powers & might to defeat the nasty creatures from taking over this land & churning this once peaceful city into utter turmoil!

However, I found out to my delight, he does have help thank god, in the form of a feisty young woman who is very skilled with a blade. She’s also very brave indeed, in as much to say, more so than Onyx himself!

Follow the two heroes as they venture into the towns old temple ruins to find out why these eerie soul seeping creatures of the night are attacking the innocent town folk & more importantly, why have they been released & by whom!’

What I particularly like about this read was not only couldn’t I put this book down I just had to turn the next page & then the next one but what grabbed my attention the most was, the dynamic chemistry between Onyx, & his beautiful sidekick ‘Midori’ as she seemed to wear the trousers most of the time, she even saves the day on many occasions whilst he needs a few more lessons within ‘bravery!’ There’s certainly a delightful attraction between the two & one wonders if Onxy may ever have the gonads to make his move on this delightful creature, if she’d only let her guard down that is & this humor of attraction is so subtle one is reading with a warm glow inside!

The final conclusion, the whole compilation of this entire story consists of four parts all contained within this one book titled ‘DEMONGATE’ with a nifty little cliff hanger left at each chapter & I was certainly happy reading along the story of pictures containing minimal amounts of text which kept me busy & occupied & wanting more until that is, the ending.

Was I disappointed? No way! & when I got nearer to the last remaining pages I thought I’d know the outcome but, how wrong I was, I certainly wasn’t expecting the surprise waiting for the reader!

Thank you Jason Rees I think you have done a great job publishing your first comic adventure & me personally, I would reckon this would make a fantastic futuristic fantasy novel & maybe a best seller so who knows, in the future heh! Want to see more of Jason’s work & his book? Follow the link to his website right here

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Open to any comments in the box below & I will always reply!

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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