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Book Review: Death by Devil's Breath by Kylie Logan

Updated on November 17, 2014
If you love chili, you'll be craving it after reading this book
If you love chili, you'll be craving it after reading this book

The Pierce girls have had a bad week.

First, Sylvia was the prime suspect in a murder in Taos and now the two have pulled into Las Vegas for the next Chili Showdown on their schedule. Of course, murder decides to hitch along.

Maxie and her half sister haven't been in town less than 24 hours when comedian Dickie Dunkirk is poisoned while judging Devil's Breath chili. The night before during Dickie's act, a lot of those in attendance weren't too happy with his jokes so someone took their anger out a little too far on the "jokester."

While Sylvia wants no part of this investigation (her mind stays focus on business) Maxie remembers one of the contestants from her past and when she confronts the contestant later, she thinks there might be some hope in finding her missing father, Jack.

The suspect list is virtually made up of what you'd find in Las Vegas as these hometown "celebrities" perform off the beaten path of The Strip. These characters really are a handful.

Kylie Logan has presented another fast and great read with this second installment and the ending is really bittersweet. I can't remember a much better ending for a crimozy.

Unfortunately, along with the good, there has to be a little bad.

I have to blame the bad on the editing. While the book picks up almost immediately following the debut installment, I kept asking myself what was going on. In the debut, it is mentioned that the Showdown is headed to Las Vegas and when the girls leave Taos at the end of the book, they're heading north.

Where it gets confusing is this installment starts with the girls having arrived on Thursday (having arrived in town a couple of hours earlier). So, if they had left Taos later in the week I don't know if they would have arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday during the day.

Secondly, the first installment states Jack has been missing for six weeks. This installment changes between seven and eight weeks, with the entire week from being in Taos having been omitted. I know Sylvia is somewhat of a prude, but I don't think she would have blocked being a murder suspect out of her mind that fast!

While that's the only flaw to the book, I think you'll really like Maxie and the Chili Chick. It's a very fun read and I look forward to having more adventures with Maxie!


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