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Book Review - EASY by Tammara Webber

Updated on February 1, 2013

I had never noticed Lucas before that night. It was as though he didn't exist, and then suddenly, he was everywhere.

Jacqueline didn’t want to go to the party. She knew her ex-boyfriend, who recently dumped her after three years, would be there, flirting with girls. But her best friend and roommate insisted that she get out and get over him. Unfortunately, this party does anything but raise her spirits. On the way to her car, Jacqueline is attacked by a drunk frat boy. Before he can molest her, a stranger appears and knocks him out. Shaken, Jacqueline allows her mysterious savior to drive her home where she hopes to forget about the ordeal. What kind of story would we have if it was that simple?

No matter what she does, Jacqueline cannot escape the events of that night. Her rescuer seems to be everywhere she goes: a fellow student in her economics class, a worker at the campus café she gets her caffeine fixes from, and a volunteer at the self-defense lesson she signs up for. In time she begins to learn more about Lucas, a sensitive artist with a guarded past. Grateful for his rescue, the two become friends and Jacqueline notices that he’s somehow helping her move beyond her sad, post-break up mood. In the midst of all of this her attacker starts to follow her, promising another round without interruptions, and she begins to feel something more towards Lucas and her economics tutor, a sweet and funny online presence she’s never seen. Like college wasn’t hard enough already.

EASY is a captivating contemporary tale with bits of suspense and, of course, loads of romance. Author, Tammara Webber (BETWEEN THE LINES), weaves a story any hopeless romantic will no doubt fall head over heels for. Jacqueline is an easy to like character as she is dealing with a lot of what previous and today’s college kids must handle: the pressure of school work, coping with a break up, and meeting the right person to urge you forward. Granted they may not be dealing with these specific three, but college is a time when young people start to discover who they are going to be. It is the aftermath of Jacqueline’s break up and attack that makes her realize things about herself she never knew before. There is a kind of strength she possesses, one that grows with the support of Lucas and her tutor.

Webber also writes with an ease that helps the readers fully relate to Jacqueline. We feel her fear, her desire, and her heart, which has been shattered, yet throughout the novel, is seen being slowly pieced back together. EASY is a real, romantic, and soul-searching journey. The chemistry between Jacqueline and Lucas is one of the several perks about this book. And besides a love story, it also stands out as a sort of coming-of-age tale. College is the time we grow the most and Jacqueline is a terrific example. So if you’re in the market for a sweep-you-off-your-feet romance story with a little bit of danger, EASY is the book for you.


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    • jessramblings profile image

      jessramblings 4 years ago from New Jersey

      It really was. I'm not really a romance reader, but this one changed my mind. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well!

    • xolucero profile image

      Gabriela 4 years ago from USA

      I just finished reading this book today! It was awesome! :)