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Book Review: Fallen (Fallen #1) by Lauren Kate

Updated on May 12, 2016

Fallen by Lauren Kate



  1. Lucinda Price (Luce)
  2. Daniel Grigori
  3. Cam
  4. Arriane
  5. Gabbe
  6. Penn
  7. Miss Sophia

More Information:

Date Published: December 8th, 2009

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Pages: 452

Type: Series (4)



Lucinda Price- also known as Lucinda Price- starts a new school. But this school isn’t any ordinary school- it’s a reform school!

And the reason that she has to go there is because she was a suspect for the suspicious murder of Trevor, her boyfriend. She was with him when he died. But Luce doesn’t remember anything about that night; all she remembers is seeing fire and shadows that she was been seeing. She thinks that it is the shadows that hurt him, but she doesn’t know. It was all a blur.

And when she goes to the school, she sees this one guy. His name is Daniel Grigori. He sees that she is “stalking” him, so he makes it very clear to her that he doesn’t want her to keep following him everywhere. She wonders why, considering he's never even met her. She doesn’t know why he is mean, but she keeps trying to dig up information about him.

Luce just feels like she has a special connection with him, but how? She’s never met him and she wants to find out.

My Thoughts:

This book seemed to go nowhere. As a reader, I didn't really have an idea of where the story was going. It was all over the place. Luce was boy crazy and she didn't know whether she should be with Daniel, or with Cam. She acted like a child. For example, whenever she got inside the car to meet up with Cam. Why did she keep going, especially after the Daniel & Cam fight? She clearly said that she wanted to be with Daniel. Plus, she said she was going to be upfront with Cam, that she didn't want to be in a relationship with him, but instead kept pushing that aside and forgetting about it. It was annoying and childish.

This book is written in third-person. I, personally, did not connect to the characters. It was hard to; it just lacked something, like personality and spunk, which none of these characters had. Cam and Penn were the only characters that had some sort of personality. Other than those two, no one else had anything to give to the readers. I probably would have enjoyed this book if I was 14 and started getting into Young Adult literature, maybe then I wouldn't have had so many high expectations. I do not regret reading the book, though, it just taught me that sometimes there will be books you don't like even though everyone loves them. The cover is beautiful though.

This book is one of my least favorites, yes, but a lot of people enjoyed it. I depends on what kind of book is your type, since everyone has different tastes. Books about angels are hard for me to enjoy, since I am very picky. I have only enjoyed one trilogy that was based on angels, and that was Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, and I highly recommend that book if you do end up reading this book and not enjoying it. But what I did like about this book is the dark feel that it had to it.

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