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Book Review: Going, Going, Ganache by Jenn McKinlay

Updated on November 7, 2014
Fifth installment of the Cupcake Mysteries
Fifth installment of the Cupcake Mysteries

Work Retreats can be Murder

In the past I've kind of been a little hard on author Jenn McKinlay and the Cupcake Mystery series, but, in the fifth installment, I have to apologize for my comments in the past.

Going, Going, Ganache is undoubtedly the best in the series thus far.

For those who have ever had to attend a corporate retreat you'll definitely find yourself and your co-workers in this gem of a story.

When a "simple" photo shoot for Southwest Style for Fairy Tale Cupcakes owners Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura goes wrong, the two agree to host a weeklong retreat for the staff but they didn't know murder would be on the agenda. Actually, the girls never know when murder will be on the menu.

As part of their punishment the staff has to spend the week making cupcakes for charity and with deadlines (no pun intended) they would rather be elsewhere than spend time in the bakery. With the staff of the magazine in such close quarters tension builds and in a fit of rage, Amy Pierson (the magazine's art director) and Brigit MacLeod (the editor in chief) begin to fight and unfortunately Melanie ends up with Amy's blow to the face.

The next morning as the magazine staffers are waiting outside the bakery and Melanie is coming down the stairs of her apartment, she sees a body and after going to look discovers its Sam Kelleher the magazine's features director. With co-workers who hate one another everyone now has to figure out who committed murder.

What makes this installment exceptional is McKinlay focuses on the magazine staffers rather than the staff of the bakery. Even though Melanie and Angie had previous careers before starting the bakery they get to step back and see what they're not missing. McKinlay's take on the staff of the magazine is spot on with the different personalities and since the staff is small the drama spills over into a different venue rather than in the office.

While McKinlay has lessened the movie quotes between the essential Fairy Tale Cupcake employees (thank you!) she still manages to end the book with a cliffhanger involving Melanie and while I saw it coming, I really wasn't expecting it. There were a few choice words after finishing the book but who hasn't been drawn into a cliffhanger?

We just have to wait now for the sixth installment with baited breath.


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