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Israelity a novel by Jim May

Updated on April 20, 2012

Book Review

What does Silver Lake, a sleepy rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania, have in common with Jerusalem? They both harbor terrorists. The focus of Israelity, the second thrilling mystery novel by Ladera Ranch’s own Jim May, is an American group of terrorists, self-proclaimed patriots, roughly representative of the much feared U.S. military-industrial complex with a mission to get the middle east conflict over with once and for all. Reading the book one learns lots about the history of Palestine, archaeology in the holy lands of Israel, and many new ways high technology can be used to create a nuclear holocaust anywhere in the world by remote control. Central to the plot is the use of cutting edge cell phone jamming technology to support the plan of the American terrorists who are self-proclaimed patriots seeking to place and detonate nuclear bombs in Israel’s three major cities. We see that Silver Lake’s Police Chief, Jim Mitchell and his longtime friend retired businessman Pete Woodard are again up to the task of fighting the bad guys, just as they did in the first novel. In this story, the two are instrumental in countermeasures by an international team based in an old firehouse at Silver Lake Pennsylvania that saved the day, at least temporarily, for people in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, Israel. After reading Israelity, I will never think of a loss of cell phone service or dropped cell phone calls in the same way. Much like May’s first book Israelity is an entertaining, compelling and educational thriller that can be read on several levels. The similarities end there. Israelity is international in its scope, sweeping in its historic context and opinionated in its political views of mid-eastern conflicts. It is also a wild ride of a read with precisely timed plot twists and turns that leave us guessing how it will all end, or whether there can ever be an end to terrorism by people who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.


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