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Book Review: Killer In Crinolines by Duffy Brown

Updated on November 6, 2014
Killer in Crinolines
Killer in Crinolines

Going to the Chapel With a Dead Fiancee


Whether it's a word in your vocabulary or not, there's nothing like a good ole Savannah shindig. But when your fiancée dumps you for another woman are you angry enough to kill him?

In Killer in Crinolines author Duffy Brown continues the consignment shop mysteries full speed ahead. With this installment, local UPS delivery driver, Chantilly Parker has been spotted stalking the grounds where her former fiancée, Simon Ambrose is about to say his "I do's" to wealthy Waynetta Waverly. Only Simon's dead.

Since Chantilly's heart was broken and she's lurking on the grounds the day of the wedding, it makes sense that she would be the prime suspect in his murder. It really could have been just a meltdown since Reagan Summerside did catch her with some frosting from the cake on her face.

With Chantilly in jail, Reagan has to figure out who killed Simon and why. Since Chantilly helped get her consignment shop off the ground Reagan feels it's her duty to help (and with her sitting in jail, Reagan needs Chantilly to spread the word on Twitter for her).

Reagan enlists the help of everyone again, especially her dance instructor aunt KiKi. Without their help, Reagan would probably be sitting next to Chantilly in the big house, or worse yet, dead. Even with leads, her main obstacle is once again attorney, Walker Boone.

Chantilly is eventually let out of jail during the investigation of Simon's murder and she loses her job after Reagan and KiKi help by delivering her packages. The suspects line up on the delivery route and someone has to know something which could lead to another murder.

If you've read the first installment of this series you know the type of wild ride you're in for. Brown doesn't hold anything back in the humor department and she does take you on a colorful journey through the "better half" of Savannah society.

By far, this series continues to get better and better with each turn of the page and don't be surprised if you find yourself smirking or literally laughing at Reagan and KiKi's anticts.

If you're looking for something good to read this summer by the pool or on the beach, get involved with the consignment mysteries. You'll be glad you did.


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