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Book Review: Leaping Beauty ~ Gregory Maguire

Updated on January 5, 2009

8 Great stories with a twist

In the book: Leaping Beauty by Gregory Maguire there are many Twisted Animal Fairy Tails all put into one book! Very hilarious and entertaining book to read. Honestly Gregory Maguire is very talented at writing!

Gregory Maguire has taken some older children's stories and re-wrote them in such a funny way. I was laughing all the way through this book.

When you read 'Leaping Beauty' you will be sent into the world of twisted fairy tails, crazy fantasys and soforth. You'll read about 'Leaping Beauty, 'So What' and 'Cinder Elephant'. All of these stories are very funny twists to the original story and you will enjoy them, trust me!!



I love how the stories are twisted fairy tails. It makes them more interesting, especially with the crazy endings of each of the stories. There are a few of them so take your time and just read one per night to make the fun last. Make sure you pass this book on to your friends.

Other Books:

Gregory Maguire also wrote the famous novel WICKED. which is a national bestseller. Mirror Mirror, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister: A Novel, and Lost, all by Gregory Maguire.

Here is a customer review from Amazon I thought was good.

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful: Clever, entertaining retellings of well-known fairy tales, September 17, 2004 By (New York, NY)

Although Gregory Maguire has been writing children's books for years, he is probably best known for his recent adult retellings of The Wizard of Oz (WICKED), Cinderella (CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER), and Snow White (MIRROR MIRROR). Now, with LEAPING BEAUTY, Maguire turns his considerable creative retelling talents back to a younger audience, with a collection of eight fractured fairy tales featuring animals in the lead roles.

The title story (which opens the book) is actually one of the weakest of the bunch, as Maguire chooses a fairly straightforward approach to tell of the young frog princess who is transformed from Weeping Beauty to Sleeping Beauty to Leaping Beauty. More entertaining are the later stories, such as "Hamster and Gerbil," a pair of adopted siblings who happen upon a cottage made of pet food and its owner, a nefarious porcupine who is also a gourmet cook.

It seems that Maguire had a great deal of fun coming up with the names of stories and characters. There's Little Red Robin Hood, who wanted "to rob the rich birds of the forest and give their worms to the poor birds of the forest." And there's the heroine of "Rumplesnakeskin," a lovely blonde sheep named Norma Jean, who wears tight sweaters and desperately wants to break into the movies.

Some of this might go over young readers' heads, but they'll still enjoy Maguire's clever plot twists and his sometimes snarky humor. LEAPING BEAUTY is a great next step for kids who have grown out of THE STINKY CHEESE MAN but who are not yet ready for the more sophisticated fairy tale retellings of Robin McKinley or Donna Jo Napoli.

--- Reviewed by Norah Piehl


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