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Book Review: Lethal Letters by Ellery Adams

Updated on November 14, 2014
A time capsule, murder and wedding take up the Oyster Bay residents free time in Lethal Letters
A time capsule, murder and wedding take up the Oyster Bay residents free time in Lethal Letters

I admit that I haven't been kind to Ellery Adams, but in the latest installment of the Books by the Bay Mystery series, I do have to say this installment is the best of the series.

When a time capsule is discovered in Lethal Letters the whole town is intrigued with the treasures contained inside but with of the murder of Ruthie Holcomb. Ruthie's body was discovered on the beach by Olivia Limoges' niece, Caitlyn.

On the day the time capsule was discovered, Olivia was there and noticed a smaller copper box inside. The box mysteriously disappeared shortly before Ruthie's murder and Olivia starts to dig deeper into both the murder and the missing box.

As she investigates, she meets Stella Drummond, Ruthie's best friend. Stella comes from a decent Oyster Bay family and Ruthie lived in a trailer with her disabled mother. Both girls weren't very popular in the town and during the summers they would live at the beach and imagine becoming mermaids so they could leave. They had the perfect friendship and just wanted to leave the real world behind.

Following Ruthie's death, Stella begins to help Olivia and her fate is sealed at The Secret Garden Party, hosted by her mother, Bellamy.

I'm hoping that this is the last installment in this series for one reason. Olivia Limoges' character has come full circle. In the first installment, she wasn't very popular around town but by the last page of this installment, she has let down her guard. Adams finally humanized her and by connecting with the character I started to (finally) root for her.

My first thought when I started reading was that Olivia hadn't changed but she had. This was one of the reasons why I wasn't too thrilled with the earlier installments. I couldn't connect with Olivia and really felt let down.

We'll have to see in a year or so if this was indeed the last installment, but I do commend Adams for bringing a character full circle. And if the series does end, it ends on a high note as well.


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