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Book Review: Lisa Chamberlain and Her Wicca Magic Guides

Updated on February 25, 2018
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Maya Ellenson features art, literature and writes book reviews.

Moon Magic

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida
Hobe Sound Beach, Florida | Source

Nature As a Source of Magic

Lisa Chamberlain’s spellbinding series of books on Wicca magic: “Wicca Herbal Magic”, “Wicca Crystal Magic”, “Wicca Candle Magic”, “Wicca Book of Shadows”, "Wicca Moon Magic", among the rest, exude the magic of their own as they gracefully guide us into Wiccan and Pagan spirituality.

Shrouded for centuries in secrecy, Wiccan lore has been gradually opening up with more and more people gravitating toward it. Even those who don't believe in magic, are keen on recognizing the flow of poetry running through the pagan worldview.

The other aspect of paganism that speaks to a growing number of people is the Wiccan mode in relating to nature. “Wiccans generally take a much more hands-on, active in developing and practicing their spirituality. The use of rituals, spells, circle-casting, and working with nature all keep each of us attuned to the God, Goddess, and Earth in an intimate manner, where true magic actually lives and everything in our surroundings has its own breath”, pointed out Lisa Chamberlain.

As the famous occultist, artist and poet, Aleister Crowley, stated in his autobiography, “Paganism is wholesome because it faces the facts of life". That's what Chamberlain's books champion. They raise our awareness of all the abundance that Mother Earth carries within: crystals, herbs and the elements, as magic is all around us. These are all earthly conduits to transform our lives. Paganism allows us to tap into nature's alchemy and benefit from it as we revere the planet we live on.

For centuries, the subtle realm of elemental spirits has been hailed not only by witches, but poets and philosophers, linked to esotericism.

Among noted intellectuals, engaged in the occult, was Arthur Conan Doyle who keenly advocated for recognizing reality of the fairy world. William Butler Yeats was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, conducting a variety of magical experiments. Immersion into the supernatural allowed him to adorn his poetry with a stunning tapestry of mystical overtones. As Yeats uttered,

“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,

For I would ride with you upon the wind,

Run on the top of the disheveled tide,

And dance upon the mountains like a flame”.

We Live on a Magical Planet

Earth Magic
Earth Magic | Source

Book of Shadows

Amidst the cornucopia of publications about the Wicca lore, Lisa Chamberlain’s guides are particularly illuminating as they cast light on the shadows of misconceptions in regards to the Wiccan history, tradition and rituals. Today, as paganism rapidly expands, one can only wonder why so many people are drawn to it.

Reading Chamberlain’s books, help us to find the answers. Obviously, it’s the absence of dogmas and categorical imperatives that more and more people find energetically outdated.

While Wiccans respect and adhere firmly to the Threefold Law with harming none principle, they never had to follow dogmatically any specific “scripture”, explains the author in her "Wicca Book of Shadows: A Beginners Guide To Keeping Your Own Book Of Shadows". Instead, The Book of Shadows emerges straight from practitioners' personal experience and visions.

Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca Coven "Bricket Wood" in 1940s, borrowed the concept of Book of Shadows from the occult magazine he read. "The article was about an ancient divination manual involving the length of person's of shadow, but Gardner was apparently inspired to use the term for a new type of grimoire -- one that was used specifically for the use of in his coven", wrote Chamberlain.

Compared to the past, when witches were severely persecuted, Book of Shadows no longer needs to be kept in secret. In fact, Book of Shadows is even becoming collective as it gets shared openly on the internet, forming a new mode of self-expression, enriching art and literature with deeply archetypal overtones.

Book of Shadows is a deeply empowering medium. It journals not only spells, herbs, crystals for personal use of magic, but may also include poetry, sketches and other art forms to connect with the psyche's inner power.

Chamberlain’s books allow us to appreciate creative and spontaneous nature of paganism. Compared to any organized religion, Wicca path is much more holistic and fluid. As the author stated, "There is no "wrong" in Wicca, just "different". As long as they remember the cardinal rules of the Threefold Law and harming none, solitary Witches are entirely free to do as they please".

As we cast spells to enhance our lives, learning more about subtle energies and frequencies of crystals, herbs, Moon cycles, essential oils and elemental spirits, we become co-creators of Mother Earth. Whoever seeks self-empowerment directly from Nature's book of magic, being in tune with the pagan model of synergy in co-existing with our blue planet in a balanced and harmonious way, may certainly benefit from studying Chamberlain's Wicca Magic series.

Ocean Magic

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida
Hobe Sound Beach, Florida | Source

Crystal Magic Spell

And now it's about time to cast spell from Chamberlain's "Wicca Crystal Magic". It works even for skeptics.

Here is A Citrine Prosperity Spell.

Prepare four citrine crystals and one green candle. Place the crystals around the candle. Touch each crystal with your power hand and charge with manifesting power to materialize prosperity in your life. Your command may sound like this: I now charge this crystal with power to connect with the source of infinite wealth. After completing charging each crystal, start mediation. Imagine how you would feel when all your bills are paid and your have enough money to enjoy life the way you picture it. Immerse in the vibrations of prosperity. When you're done, light a green candle and say: I manifest prosperity in my daily life, having all that I need and more". Let the candle burn and out and keep the crystals in a visible place to keep reminding you of abundance you manifested.

Create Your Own Book of Shadows

Nature's Book of Shadows
Nature's Book of Shadows | Source


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