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Book Review: Sealed with a Kill by Lucy Lawrence

Updated on November 17, 2014
Third installment in the series
Third installment in the series

The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived when I finished the last page of The Decoupage Mysteries. I was done!

In this third (and hopefully) final installment, Sealed With A Kill delivers in the boredom department. The same mistakes are repeated which I pointed out in previous reviews of the series. Main character Brenna Miller is stuck giving a tour guide for the leaf peepers in her small Massachusetts town.

While the group is collecting leaves, they stumble upon the decaying body of Harvey Lester. This is the third body that's been discovered by Brenna. She and her best friend Tenley set about trying to find the actual murderer.

It's the same old tired story which plagued the previous installments. Too many characters, a love triangle (which is finally resolved) and a weak storyline.

The series could have been a lot more enjoyable, but by the third installment we're given the same information of the characters over and over. I think every character had to repeat the same story.

I'm not sure if this series is going to continue or not, but if it does there should be some major rethinking on Lawrence's part. Focus on the main characters and not 20 at a time.


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