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Book Review: Merry Market Murder by Paige Shelton

Updated on November 7, 2014
Merry Market Murder
Merry Market Murder

Holidays Can Be Murderous

The holidays may be a recent memory, but murder never takes a break.

With these boring cold days and nights ahead of us for the next few months take a break from the daily grind, make yourself some hot chocolate and curl up to Merry Market Murder the fifth installment in the Farmers' Market mysteries.

It's a week and a day away from Christmas and Becca Robins and the other vendors at Bailey's Farmers Market are busy selling their wares to the residents of Monson. The vendors can't complain since they've had a good December and the town is anxious with the upcoming Christmas parade and Christmas tree judging contest.

This year a new Christmas tree vendor arrives and it doesn't please Reggie Stuckey (who's sold trees in the past) and dog biscuit vendor Brenton Jones. The new arrival has Becca's twin sister and market manager, Allison's head spinning.

Allison discovers that the Stuckey contract is fake and while she's waiting to hear from the owners about what to do, Becca and the new vendors discover Reggie's body in the back of his truck with a stake through his chest. Later that day, Becca finds a decorated egg ornament on the passenger side of her truck. Her first thought is that it's a gift from her boyfriend Sam but he tells her that he doesn't know anything about it.

As the days pass, she starts to receive other types of handmade ornaments and figures these must be clues to catching Reggie's killer. Certain materials the ornaments are made of give her a growing list of suspects. What she can't figure out is the meaning behind 1987 which was written on the egg.

After some internet investigating she discovers the clue that could help her solve the mystery and give insight into the normally quiet Brenton Jones' irrational behavior of late.

While author Paige Shelton continues to bring life to this series she does throw in a few twists and turns here and there. The idea of Becca receiving the ornaments really makes this installment good since she lives all alone in the country and the thought of being stalked and watched does add a little creepiness during this festive time of year.

I'm always amazed at how while writing these crimeozies the authors have time to find the perfect recipes to weave into the story. As with the other installments there are some selected recipes which seem awfully good.

My advice is don't read on an empty stomach but nevertheless you'll have a good time joining Becca on this latest adventure.


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