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Book Review: Midnight Crossing by Charlaine Harris

Updated on April 21, 2015
Manfred Bernardo finds more than like minded people in Midnight, TX
Manfred Bernardo finds more than like minded people in Midnight, TX

I've always been afraid to read a Charlaine Harris novel. The reason being there are so many different series and anthologies out there that it would be hard to choose.

When I was asked if I'd be interested in a new series to review, I jumped at the chance since it would be a fresh start.

In Harris' new series, the very, very small town of Midnight, TX is the setting with a very, very small population. The town is definitely a one traffic stop town with some very strange residents.

Manfred Bernardo has decided to move to the town where he feels right at home. He's a telephone and online psychic and with the odd assortment of people living in Midnight he knows that his business will fit in nicely. But not all of the residents have a connection to the "other side."

Upon his arrival, he finds out that his landlord's girlfriend had picked up and left leaving Bobo with a lot of questions. Of course with his girlfriend gone, the local witch/ New Age shop owner, Fiji Cavanaugh hopes she and Bobo can start a relationship. Fiji is hopelessly in love with Bobo but he doesn't seem to be picking up on her feelings.

One day the residents decide on a picnic in the desert and Fiji discovers the decomposing body of Aubrey Hamilton.

This is when the story begins.

After wading through the first 100 pages with really no excitement, the discovery of the body and the subsequent aftermath the story is then on the fast track of page turning and suspense. Some secrets of the residents are revealed which leads to a creepy ending.

This is a great read and is appropriate for any gender.


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