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Book Review: Murder Sends a Postcard by Christy Fifield

Updated on December 29, 2014
Author Christy Fifield should have written this installment on a postcard due to ending
Author Christy Fifield should have written this installment on a postcard due to ending

With the tourist season in full swing, the folks of Keyhole Bay, Florida are hoping to cash in on the tourists but at the same time, they're scared to death of one "guest." Bridget McKenna.

Bridget has been sent down to audit the local bank and while there just happens to get murdered. Someone's not happy with her being in town and two of the last people to see her alive were Glory Martine and her best friend Karen Freed.

As soon as Bridget and Glory met at Glory's souvenir shop, Southern Treasures, the two had hit it off immediately and Glory has suggested Bridget go on an excursion over the Fourth of July weekend. She wasn't expecting her to end up in the morgue though.

Not only does Glory have to figure out who killed Bridget, but she also has to figure out what to do with her cousin Peter (who owns 45 percent of the store and Glory owns the remaining 55 percent) and his family. They've come to town unexpectedly.

Since Peter has no real active interest in the shop, he's been throwing out lame brained money making ideas to Glory and now he thinks the store should be expanded. This way they'll make more money from the tourists. One of his ideas is also for his wife to hang around for the remainder of the summer so that she can help out Glory.

While this installment is good, it was also disappointing. After throwing in my two cents as to who Bridget's murderer was, I was let down when the "real" murderer was revealed. I really think a lot of books will be thrown against the wall.

I'm so mad that even though I tried one of Fifield's recipes, I think I'll boycott the selection at the end of this installment.


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