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Book Review No Easy Day

Updated on March 16, 2013

No Easy Day by Mark Owen with Kevin Maurer

No Easy Day, the autobiography of a Navy Seal, by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer is about the background, development, goals and accomplishments of Mark Owen, a member of the elite Navy Seal Team Six. Mark’s ultimate mission is this eye witness account of the unit that executes Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.

Mark is brought up in Alaska by thoughtful, pioneering parents. As a child, his father teaches him how to shoot a .22 rifle. He learns to hunt and trap in the cold, harsh environment of the Alaskan wilderness. Mark always wants to be a Navy Seal. As a teenager he reads books about the bravery and courage of US Special Forces. Rather than join the navy after high school, Mark heeds his father’s advice and attains a college education. A college educated enlisted man makes a more intelligent and mature fighter. Mark enlists in the Navy after his college graduation.

Mark takes the reader through the extreme physical and mental discipline necessary to complete the harsh training of a Navy Seal. He explains the close relationships and camaraderie that develop among members of this elite force. Mark describes the downside of military life. Special force operatives experience divorce and broken family relationships due to their constant military training and overseas deployments.

Mark describes, Operation Neptune Spear, the black ops plan that begins in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, attacks Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and returns safely to Afghanistan. There are maps and diagrams of Bin Laden’s compound overtaken by the Navy Seals. This mission was no easy day, especially when one of the Black Hawk helicopters crashes into the wall of the compound. The extreme tension and brutal execution of this mission almost impossible is transferred to the psyche of the reader.

The book includes descriptions and photographs of locations, military weapons and gear used by the Navy Seals. This story by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer is well written and entertaining. I highly recommend, No Easy Day, especially to any young man who wants to follow a career in the military. These brave and courageous men allow the rest of us in the United States to live our day to day lives in relative peace and safety. God bless the Navy Seals.


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