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Book Review - One Night @ the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat

Updated on June 28, 2011

My all-time favorite

I’m a book lover since my school days and have read hundreds of books till now. But one book is my favorite and remains close to my heart, which is One Night @ the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat. This book was published in the year 2005, the time when I was in the initial stages of my career and was myself working at a call center in Delhi. May be that is why I could relate to the characters and events of this book so closely.

Other books by the same author are Five Point Someone, 3 Mistakes of My Life and 2 States. All did well in the market, but One Night @ the Call Center remains my all-time favorite.

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Story Outline

This is an awesome book revolving around the lives of 6 people working in Connexions Call Center in Gurgaon. The characters are Priyanka, Esha, Radhika, Vroom, Shyam and Military Uncle, all of whom are caught in issues related to their career, marriage and family conflicts and their relationship with their executives and clients.

Shyam and Priyanka were in love earlier, but now, they have broken up and Priyanka is not engaged to Microsoft personnel, Ganesh Gupta. Priyanka is happy with Ganesh Gupta, but later finds out that he is bald, he has lied to her and she is not happy with her marriage the very next month too.

Esha is frustrated because she slept with a designer in order to get a modeling contract, but later the guy refused that she cannot become a model because of her height.

Vroom secretly loves Esha, but feels hurt when he hears her telling her friends that she slept with the designer.

Radhika is devoted to her family, serves her in-laws and loves her husband who does not live with her due to job. But she finds that he has affair with some Payal and she goes on to take anti-depression pills.

Military Uncle seems to be strict and quiet from the outside, but at heart, he loves his son and grandson so much. But his son is so mean to ask him to stay out of their life.

Other works of Chetan Bhagat

  • Five Point Someone’ is a book about life of 3 mechanical engineering students at IIT college, Hari Kumar, Alok Gupta and Ryan Oberoi.
  • ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ is a novel about 3 friends, Govind, Omi and Ishaan, all of whom have different goals in life but start a business together. The story of the novel revolves around 3 mistakes they do in their life, along with a touch of religious politics.
  • ‘2 States’ is the latest novel by Chetan Bhagat who is about Ananya and Krish, who are from different Indian states but are in deep love with each other.

How it related to My life

Coming back to One Night @ the Call Center, it is a book that talks about problems that almost all of us face in our everyday lives. It deals with almost all problems that young people in India face, including issues related to their girlfriend or boyfriend and no guaranty of the job. I myself worked at call center at that time and could easily relate to the scenes of the book when US clients are bashing and blaming the call center executives unreasonably. Even if you have never worked in a call center or you have no idea about how life is there, then this book will inform you about the work culture in small BPOs.

An Interview with Chetan Bhagat

The memorable thing about the book is the phone call from the God, after which, the characters get motivated and their lives change. God speaks to them in modern English language and suggest them how they can improve their lives. After that, all of them get motivated to face their problems, they make a plan to screw Bakshi, their Boss, and to increase their sales so that the downsizing can be prevented.

The book has been published by Rupa & Co. and is available online at amazon on a reasonable price . It proves to be an amazing pastime to kill a Sunday afternoon and after reading it, you will be forced to try to solve your problems, that you may be facing in your daily lives.


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