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Book Review: Perfect Skin by Amanda Cochrane

Updated on January 31, 2017

Perfect skin is difficult to come by if you have suffered with skin problems all your life. However, it is possible with a natural approach to skincare. Natural, meaning less chemicals and more natural, organic ingredients. Amanda Cochrane spent over 20 years researching the natural approach to skincare and she has put together this comprehensive book with scientific evidence and an immense wealth of knowledge and information about the dangers of some commercial skincare products.

What Does She Talk About in the Book

The role that diet plays in skincare

Cochrane does not just focus on what we put on our skin, she also concentrates on what we put into our bodies. She places emphasis on the role of water and fresh fruits and vegetables to cleanse and brighten skin. The book also provides a well thought out mini diet plan for perfect skin with well researched information on how we can change our diet to gain that perfect complexion.

The ingredients we need to make our skincare products

Cochrane outlines the most nourishing, cleansing and refreshing products that we need to use on our skin to gain that healthy glow. She totally omits products that are full of chemicals and instead concentrates on products that are natural and organic. Such as, rose water, lavender oil, lemon oil, olive oil, almond oil, cucumber and various other natural products. She teaches how to make your own cleansing milk, toners, moisturizers and skin refreshing lotions. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make your own skincare products.

The Dangers of Chemicals in Skincare Products

Cochrane also highlights the dangers or chemicals such as, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum and other additives in commercial skincare products. She even states that some of these chemicals can cause allergies, skin rashes, and even cancer in some cases.

Overall this book is an excellent compilation of natural skincare recipes and information about you can gain the perfect complexion using natural products. This book is great for beginners who have never made their own skincare products before. It is also suitable for people who have been making their own products for years. There are plenty of new and interesting recipes in there for anyone who wants to practice natural skincare.


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