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Book Review: Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.

Updated on May 12, 2013

Book Review: Proof of Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander, a noted neurosurgeon, explains in detail his after death experience. Dr. Alexander is infected by a very rare case of E. coli meningitis, an acute inflammation of the protective membrane of the brain and spinal cord. He reports the clinical history and diagnosis of his illness and the probability of positive and negative outcomes to treatment.

Dr. Alexander has a worst case scenario and goes into coma for six days. During this period he is clinically brain dead and has no hope of survival. Through the efforts of his family, physicians, nurses and staff at Lynchburg General Hospital, Dr. Alexander recovers completely without brain damage. He has a miraculous deliverance from death.
In his book, Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander catalogs his visit to different dimensions of existence. He travels from an underworld of muck and darkness to the higher heavens of light, beauty and angels. He writes a clear, concise, scientific account of this experience.
In the text, Dr. Alexander also recounts his family history, medical education, hobbies and professional life.

One does not have to be a believer in an afterlife to enjoy this book. Dr. Alexander, a neurosurgeon explains that it is clinically impossible to know or remember anything when higher cerebral functions cease to exist. But, Dr. Alexander does remember his soul soaring through the heavens. He has written this book to let us know there are more dimensions to life, being and existence after physical life passes.


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