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Book Review: Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality by David Boies and Theodore B. Olson

Updated on November 7, 2014
The pursuit for marriage equality
The pursuit for marriage equality

This has probably been one of the hardest reviews that I've ever encountered. It's not the subject matter, but how do you write a review when the book is now outdated after having been recently published?

Lawyers David Boies and Theodore B. Olson have done an excellent job documenting their five year struggle to win marriage equality rights for same sex couples. Throughout the country more states are claiming victory.

In repealing California's Proposition 8, Boies and Olson, two of the nation's most preeminent lawyers take their fight all the way to the Supreme Court where they declared victory on June 26, 2013. This victory has opened the door to allow same sex couples the right to marry.

The story of repealing Proposition 8 is interesting in itself.

When California voters adopted the amendment on November 4, 2008 banning same sex marriage, it was Rob and Michele Reiner who ultimately spearheaded the repeal movement. They were having lunch with friends when Michele spotted Kate Moulene, a professional "connector" whose work included linking the rich, famous, and powerful to important and worthy causes. Moulene suggested Olson (a Republican who had represented George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election) who used to be her brother-in-law.

Olson then takes over the book telling us why he decided to take the case. This is then followed by Boies and why he took the case. Boies (a Democrat) had represented Al Gore in the Bush v. Gore case.

What then makes the book interesting is how the attorneys began preparing the case, the challenges they faced, the ups and downs. You really are on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Regardless of your opinions on same sex unions, you have to remember that no matter who you are, love is what matters. This is what the attorneys argue and you cannot take that feeling away from anyone.

In 1992, I wrote a screenplay based on a same sex couple who wanted to marry. A production company was interested in the story, but I wouldn't pitch the story over the phone and therefore, they never read the story. Also that night I had called my potential agent, told him what had happened and told me two things: same sex marriage would happen within our lifetime and two, I should have pitched the idea to the producer.

Of course, I'll never know what would have become of the latter, but I am happy to see those that want to get married have that right. I wish everyone the best who advance their relationships to another level.


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    • Eric Tuchelske 1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Tuchelske 

      4 years ago from Detroit

      It's a shame that Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee lost their bid for same sex marriage.


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