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Book Review - SCENT OF MAGIC by Maria V. Snyder

Updated on January 18, 2013

"I am dead," I said to Kerrick.

WARNING: This review contains minor spoilers from TOUCH OF POWER (HEALER #1). Read at your own risk.

Everybody thinks Avry is dead. After healing Prince Ryne of the devastating plague that killed over half of the population in the Fifteen Realms, the people she came to care about all believe she had died; her Healer powers not strong enough to combat the horrible systems of the fatal disease. The only person who knows she still lives is Kerrick, the man she loves and wanted to be with her in her final moments. Together, they escape, albeit briefly, to devise a plan that will aid others in taking down Tohon, a powerful king obsessed with ruling the entire Realm and obsessed with claiming Avry as his own. Easy to hide from him when he thinks she’s gone for good. Now Avry and Kerrick can just relax, right? Wrong!

This is Maria V. Snyder’s universe and there are never many moments of peace. Avry and Kerrick must quickly part ways as they have to embark on separate quests until they meet again. These individual journeys include infiltrating a holy army, training soldiers in a new tactic that could save their lives, stopping a bloodthirsty tribe from pillaging the villages, and learning more about the mysterious Death and Peace Lilies that saved Avry’s life. Old friends will return, new alliances will be formed, and Avry’s magic will once again be her blessing and her curse.

SCENT OF MAGIC marks the second in the HEALER trilogy by Snyder. And like she has done in her previous novels she again proves her ability to create an ensemble cast that interact—and argue—so well you can almost see them standing in front of you. This book also marks the first time Snyder ventures deeper into her characters minds by writing not only from Avry’s point of view, but from Kerrick’s as well. This works to her advantage since the lovers are separated for the better part of the book. Readers are not left hanging on the edge of their seats wondering what he’s up to and if he’s ok. Instead, they’re right there with him as they are with Avry.

Compared to the first of the series, TOUCH OF POWER, this sequel moves at a faster pace with danger almost throwing itself at both Avry and Kerrick whenever they think they have a chance to settle down. Their love for each other and for their friends who are fighting beside them will be the driving factor in defeating Tohon and his army of undead soldiers. Fans of Snyder’s earlier work and fans of this current series will no doubt devour SCENT OF MAGIC. But be warned. You will be left screaming for the final book after her cliffhanger ending.


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