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Book Review: Silent Knife by Shelley Freydont

Updated on November 7, 2014
Silent Knife
Silent Knife

Christmas is Anything but Silent

Christmas in a small town seems to be what everyone wishes they could do, but for those that do live in a small town maybe they take it for granted?

It seems like Olivia "Liv" Montgomery does just that in the second installment of the Celebration Bay Mysteries. She doesn't seem to thrilled about the holidays and as the town's event coordinator, she certainly isn't thrilled about the murder of Phil Cosgrove, the Santa at the temporary Christmas store, Trim A Tree (TAT).

With the opening of Silent Knife the first problem Liv has to deal with is the one Santa rule the town has in Celebration Bay. The town's official Santa, Hank Ousterhout, informs her of the TAT Santa, so she and her assistant, Ted Driscoll, confront the owner of the gaudy chain store, Grace Thorsby.

Since Grace opened TAT, she's been a thorn in Liv's side by refusing to follow the town's guidelines (okay, at this point when does an event coordinator have the authority to run the city? This was the problem I had in this and the first installment of the series. If it's an ordinance issue, I would think an elected official would have more authority than an event coordinator). Grace does everything in her power to avoid Liv's "rules."

So, Phil is murdered and following the town parade and tree lighting ceremony, Hank is the one under suspicion when blood is found on his Santa suit (on a Friday night no less) but, the sewing shop rallies together and they whip up a new suit for Hank.

The other events in town continue as usual and once again Liv stumbles across the murderer.

Author Shelley Freydont has continued to keep the pace slow. Too much is repeated which slows the flow of the story. It's one of the many complaints I've had about this series so far. We don't know anything about Liv's personal life (just a few bits of information) but we do know more about the minor characters.

Another gripe I had about this installment, it's mentioned a few times in the beginning about something happening at Thanksgiving. While not specified there's a special called Cold Turkey so maybe there was a special short story written. It would have been best to incorporate that story into this, since I feel like I'm missing something.

If Freydont wants to keep the series going, I think she should take a look at what she's written since I haven't found this series worth getting excited over.

Visit Celebration Bay at your own risk and pray you survive the visit.


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