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A BOOK REVIEW : Sociology and Anthropology

Updated on September 15, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

This book provides an extensive study about sociology and anthropology through the systematic study of the society and culture. It expounds the fundamental principles and concepts of culture to understand the basic facts in the study of traditions, folkways, norms, values and customs of the different ethnic groups in the society. Generally, the characteristics of culture are well presented as the global website in the study of culture and society. It has extensively discusses the elements, functions, dimensions, senses, and components of culture that are now using in the academic community.

The introductory part discusses the common relationships and approaches to study the society along the field of sociology and anthropology. It also expound to the study of human evolution, social group and stratification, transculturalism, marriage and family. In this book, it has included the gender and development dimension as related to the family oriented approach to study the evolutionary process of the gender bias and its societal role. It has presented the empirical theory on social phenomenology to study the conflicts of culture in the society.

These are the following academic contents in the study of sociology and anthropology:

1. Concepts of Sociology and Anthropology

2. The Field Approaches of Anthropology and Human Evolution

3. The Application in Areas and Sociological Theories of Sociology

4. The Scientific Method of Sociology and Anthropology

5. The Fundamental Concepts of Culture

6. The Sociological Perspective of Traditions, Folkways, Beliefs and Transculturalism

7. Social Group and Stratification

8. Marriage and Family

9. The Dysfunctional Culture and Social Phenomenology

The significance of this book provides a provocative discussion as to the evolutionary process of the gender bias and the extensive insights about the transformation of the gender development along the family oriented approach for a stable society. It has presented the emerging global trend in the study of social phenomenology as affected by the dysfunctional culture in the 21st century.

Socio-Anthro : Sociology and Anthropology
Socio-Anthro : Sociology and Anthropology | Source


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