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Book Review: Speakers of the Dead by J. Aaron Sanders

Updated on June 16, 2016

I'm really not a fan of the Victorian Era and debated whether or not I wanted to read this book for review. I kept going back and forth and I'm really glad that I did decide to read it.

As the story begins, young Walt Whitman arrives to the execution of his friend, Lena Stowe. She is being hung for the murder of her husband, Abraham and while he cannot stop her hanging, he vows to exonerate her.

The Stowe's were the owners of the Women's Medical College of Manhattan and the young reporter has evidence that Lena was innocent. No one will listen to him and when his estranged friend Henry Saunders returns to New York, the two set about trying to find the murderer of Abraham.

As the two begin their investigation, they are led into the world of body snatching and the even more dangerous world of the resurrection men, who steal recently deceased bodies and sell them to medical colleges.

With Henry back in town, the two rekindle their love affair briefly, before Henry goes missing as medical students are forced to conduct research on the illegal corpses for advanced study.

The book is a very fast read and doesn't contain all of the flowery images portrayed in these novels. Author J. Aaron Sanders does an incredible job though of making you feel as though you're a part of the winter of 1843.

Sanders also sprinkles a few little twists along the way which makes for great reading.

I'm anxiously awaiting more in this series.


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