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Book Review: Star Trek Corps of Engineers (SCE) - Turn The Page by David Ward & Kevin Dimore

Updated on May 2, 2012
Star Trek Corps of Engineers: Turn The Page by David Ward & Kevin Dimore
Star Trek Corps of Engineers: Turn The Page by David Ward & Kevin Dimore | Source

In what has been dubbed "The SCE book Reboot", the book Turn The Page is the first in the relaunch of the Star Trek Series: Corps of Engineers. I recently took the time to read the book and have a few observations and discoveries that I think you may want to know before spending your hard earned cash on this one.

Overall, I was unfamiliar with the Corps of Engineer book series, and actually read this one by mistake. I had meant to read the SCE book that started off the original series. I only figured this out when I was done reading it and moved on to the next one on my Nook. Overall though it's not a bad place to start if you're looking for a new Star Trek adventure to sink your teeth into. Be forewarned though, I'll be discussing the plot line and it will probably contain spoilers.

I believe this series actually starts in the "Next Generation" era, although I honestly didn't check the dates. This book was interesting in that it stared off with a flash back to an earlier star date to when then Lt. Gold was in command of a raid on a Cardassian installation buried within Federation borders. Right off the bat, the text was engaging, and the description of the characters was wonderful. The author has a real gift for describing actions scenes. Through out the book, now Captain, Gold flashes back to an earlier time giving you insight into his personality and command Structure.

One of the main characters within the book Dr. Sarjenka is a recent graduate of Starfleet Medical Academy and her assignment on the U.S.S. da Vinci is her first. She is dispatched to an alien world that is seeking admission to the federation, although the situation isn't as green on their side of the fence as they would make it out to be. Despite being a highly advanced culture, the inhabitants of Betrisius utilize a neural implant that they use to control known criminals, or "reformants" as they are known. This creates a typical privileged and slave caste system on their world.

When someone takes global control of the reformants, at first they hold peaceful demonstrations. Through he efforts of the local government, the situation quickly escalates into violence and Dr. Sarjenka must find a way to reverse what can more expertly considered mind control or the entire planet might perish! Through multiple chapters of both on ship, and off ship action, the author gives glimpses into a few more of the commanding officers personas' and introduces the reader to a whole new crew in what I hope will be an excellent literary adventure!

Even if you have never read any of the other Star Trek novels this is a wonderful place to jump in and start reading science fiction adventure novels. No previous knowledge of any Star Trek characters is required, and the reader will not be left wondering what is going on. This book only took a few hours to read, and left me wondering what was around to corner for the crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci! This book is available in both print and digital ebook formats.


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