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Book Review Straight Talk No Chaser

Updated on February 12, 2016

Book Author

The author is Steve Harvey. He is the number one New York Times Bestselling author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. He is also the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. He did comedy in the '80s and had a sitcom called The Steve Harvey Show.

The book is about how women can meet a man and get a commitment from him. It delves into some misperceptions women have about men. The book also gives a great deal of concrete advice. Steve Harvey says he is not a relationship expert, rather he is an expert on how men think. According to the book, the main problem women have with getting a commitment is that they are not thinking the same way men think. Other books have made this point in the past but it is really underscored in this book.

This book really explains how men think. That is the missing ingredient that women really can't figure out many times. It is perfect to have a man's point of view. One problem is that women are often mystified by men, unsure of what they are even looking for. Women respond by trying to seem more and more sexy or they bend their schedule to accommodate the man. In reality, this is not what men are looking for at all. Generally and there are exceptions of course men are looking for women who are not needy. The woman should be able to hold her own, have her own opinions and should seem to have her own mind and life- but without seeming obnoxious or defensive.


Steve Harvey's book is very helpful because he even tells where the best places are to meet men of various different ages. It seems that men in their forties and older hang out in different places than younger men. Probably the best part of the book is where he explains the locations of where to find the men. He also explains how to know your man is in love. He tells women what they need to bring to the table.

Straight Talk No Chaser is for ladies who want to settle down. The author has written a previous book that was extremely successful. The book gives great tips on how to find a man and get a commitment. This is a very solid book that is very helpful for women.


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