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Updated on December 7, 2016

For some he is an object of admiration. Others look at him with skepticism and ambivalence. Madhusudan Naidu evokes mixed emotions in the Sai fraternity across the globe. If you closely observe the developments taking place around you, there is a major transformation taking place disrupting the status quo in every sphere of life. Is this the sign of the dawn of a new age, shift in the consciousness taking place? We were connected to Swami through His beautiful physical form. Now, through the subtle learning, we are seeing Him in the formless.

So, who is Madhusudan Naidu? Except for his college mates during his undergraduate and post graduate studies at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning who have known him, for the rest he was an ‘outsider’ who barged into the limelight! In the books Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha, a compilation of Discourses of Bhagawan Baba in the subtle body and Sookshma Sathya Sai by Dr Hiramalini Sheshadri, an attempt was made to know and understand the boy, who was handpicked by Bhagawan to be His communicator at this crucial juncture of a scale-up in His Mission.

When Madhusudan once asked Swami why he was selected over all others, He said, because you will never say no to anything that I say! That's the confidence Swami has on this boy. His new autobiography THE STORY DIVINE - LIVING WITH GOD which has already created a lot of buzz among the faithful, has finally revealed intricate details about himself, his family and situations that lead him to take up this new Divine assignment. It's the first in the trilogy. A refreshing nonchalant delivery makes it the best read.

A brilliant mind with a sparkling wit will not go unnoticed as you turn the pages. I laughed my guts out reading about his first encounter with God and His devotees! A multifaceted personality that he is, one thing that stands out all through is his Bhakti (devotion) for Bhagawan. As a student in Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan campuses, everything he did was to please the Lord and get closer to Him. He wanted to win gold medal for academic excellence, again for a higher purpose! His candid revelations about his father show his desire to be frank and sincere with the readers. Interesting facts about what really took place in the wee hours of April 26, 2011 morning and the significance of the sacred 5:12 AM is documented as it happened. When Madhusudan asked Swami why there was no mention of the triple Avatars in any of our ancient scriptures, the response that he received from Bhagawan with a chuckle is a reader's delight.

A completely dispassionate approach when he writes about his own death is self explanatory why Madhusudan is selected for the job! The afterlife visions that Swami bestowed on him gives you a peep into how it all works beyond our limited consciousness. Birth and Death is but just a game! When you have been there you know nothing else matters but love and the good deeds that you have rendered to others.

The book was written at the command of Swami and it was not his decision. It was on April 24, 2016 when Swami was in Croatia, Madhusudan submitted to Him about the completion of 5 years since He started to communicate after Maha Samadhi. Swami looked at him surprisingly and said, “Is it so? Then write about it!”

I strongly believe this treatise on the Subtle phenomenon will be highly sought after in the years to come by fellow spiritual aspirants cutting across organisational boundaries on the lines of 'Autobiography of a Yogi' or 'Living with the Himalayan Masters' which could act as a window to the world of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for a completely new generation of devotees.

Let us pray Swami enables us everyday to be the kind of devotee, as Madhusudan, where every breath can be of service to Him. Let us all prepare ourselves to be worthy enough to be invited by the Lord to join in on a trip to the Himalayas (as promised in the book), both literally and otherwise!


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    • profile image

      Yaani Drucker 7 months ago

      Book arrived two days ago, and already read to the end. Could not put the book down. Read it night and day. Compelling, inspiring, divine are words that come close to the exquisite loving devotion between most ardent devotee and most loving Lord. Of course Baba would choose Madhu for this next phase. It becomes so obvious why in this most absorbing delightful story.

    • profile image

      k.mavrommatis 14 months ago

      Today I finished my reading of this book. It is the most extraordinary, fantastic , soul fulfilling book I ever read in my life. Now I am much more hopeful for the future of the planet. OM SAI RAM.

    • profile image

      Govinda Krishna 14 months ago

      A wonderful book the likes of which has been unheard of and thus never written in the history of mankind.

    • profile image

      Koki 16 months ago

      Very well written review giving us the glimpse of the book. Looking forward to reading the book

    • profile image

      Rajalakshmi 16 months ago

      After reading your wonderful review about this book, I'm hoping this book is going to be one of the best books I have read in a long time. This book is definitely the most unique spiritual book because of the nature of a writer and his unique relationship with God!

      Why did God choose him among all of His other devotees? Can't wait to read this book and grow spiritually

    • profile image

      Ravichandar 16 months ago

      A marvelous book not comparable to anything else ever written or printed. Will be a great inspiration for this as well as following generations whose Sadhana could be of higher intensity despite ever increasing negativity and atheism. Will change the lives and priorities of so many youngsters who happen to go through the out of the world experiences of a normal jolly Samosa eating youngster who couldn't miss his favourite reality shows on TV, despite the Lord waiting for Him!

      I have a strong premonition that this could become one of the best sellers ever. Let us wait and watch if my words come true, but pick a copy and assimilate if we haven't done yet!

      Jai Sai Ram

    • profile image

      Saritha 16 months ago

      Well done!