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Book Review: The Course of Irish History By Moody et al (2012)

Updated on January 7, 2014

The Course of Irish history by Moody et al 2012

According to Moody et al (2012), the Irish history has greatly been shaped by it’s geography. The Ireland’s natural resources such as the rich copper, gold, and the fertile soil in some parts of the land were the cause of European colonizers to come into this small country (14). Despite the fertility of the soil and the natural resources in some regions, the island has failed to attract permanent immigrants to the region. This is attributed to the inhospitality of the place up to the present moment. A Large part of the country’s surface is raised and crumbled. There are also steep sided glens, forests and bushland, making it hard for residents to undertake economic activities. Much of the landscape except a few areas is bare, stony and sandy (15). This aspect together with its rugged terrains has made the Ireland to be agriculturally unproductive and to be low in military power. The authors point that the general unappealing nature of the country is what has largely shaped the history of Ireland in terms of lagged development

The Irish Geography has also shaped the perceptions and ideas of the countries’ inhabitants. One such attitude, which is currently considered as one of the oldest national features is their culture in celebrating death (16). This culture began as early as 3000B.C through the building of megalithic tombs. These stone structures can be found in many places of the nation today. Moreover, this type of culture, which cannot be easily found in any other country, has followed through the pre-Christianity and early Christianity eras. This is has been the source of political union for Irish people despite the challenges posted by the country’s geography (17).

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