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Book Review: The Diva Haunts the House by Krista Davis

Updated on November 7, 2014
Is there a vampire lurking in the shadows of Old Town?
Is there a vampire lurking in the shadows of Old Town?

Has a Rumored Vampire Come Back to Town?

I publicly declared war on author Krista Davis after reading this book. Why you may be asking yourself?

Well, the author of The Domestic Diva series sure can tell a great story and in the fifth installment, The Diva Haunts the House, you'll be getting a page turner. In fact, you'll probably lose some sleep.

We all know that the best time to read a good book is usually on a dreary rainy Saturday night in the fall. This definitely fits the bill. One of the benefits to this installment is it takes place around Halloween (so if you're looking for some type of Halloween book this is it).

Sophie Winston is ecstatic about bringing her skills to the community haunted house. She's planned every detail to frighten the residents of this historic house but, there's a local legend which casts a spell over the property. It's rumored a vampire once lived in this boarding house and the legend seems to be coming true, when a guest at Natasha's (Sophie's rival/friend/neighbor) Halloween party is found dead. Complete with two puncture wounds to the neck.

Natasha's more upset when one of the guests came in the same outfit as her rather than a death at the party. Things get a little spookier for Sophie and crew when they discover the window in the "vampire's" room is open every day. Years earlier when this was a boarding house it was the same room as rumored vampire Viktor Luca, who disappeared immediately following the murder of Peggy Zane.

While Sophie doesn't believe in vampires, one has been spotted in the neighborhood and she has to prove they don't exist to her niece Jen and Jen's friend Vegas. It could be difficult since one of the guests at Jen's thirteenth birthday party could indeed be a vampire.

In this installment, Davis has set the bar in the series. She keeps the reader hooked and doesn't let go. Of course stealing the novel once again is Natasha and I'd hate to see what Davis would do if she did a spinoff of the series. One never knows what Natasha will say or do.

Okay so the book isn't of the horror genre, but I did find myself wanting to look over my shoulder a couple of times.

Davis has also included a ton of Halloween decorating ideas throughout the book, continues with "letters" written to Sophie and Natasha with a problem and what their solution would be. She also gives some recipes for the perfect Halloween party.

By all accounts this installment has been my favorite and the suspense keeps building as does the list of suspects.


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