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Book Review: The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

Updated on September 21, 2017




This is the second book in The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. There are only six girls in The Elite now, and they still have a shot to win Prince Maxon’s heart.The “winning” girl will then be the Princess of Illea and she will also have control in the future of Illea. America is starting to question herself if she wants to live that lifestyle; a lifestyle where she has power, and she is wondering if she could be capable of ruling an entire nation.

America is also learning about the rebels, and she is wondering what their motives are.
She is still fighting for Maxon’s heart, and Aspen is still fighting to be with America. In this book, there is not much of Aspen, but there is a lot of America and Maxon. Aspen is just a background character, not really one of the main characters, which is sad because he basically has no chance ever since the first book. He's just a filler character, it seems. And ,most likely, America will end up with Maxon- just by the general feel of the first book. It's sad, but true.

There is also one major part of the story that will be surprising and sad. It’s something you would not expect to happen, so be aware of that.

True colors are being shown, so be aware of that.

It’s sad that Aspen made one mistake in the first book and now he has no chance with America. America seems like she has moved on from him, and she doesn’t feel like he was ever meant to be with her. Sure, guys make stupid mistakes, but how can someone move on so easily?

Who will America choose... or will she choose?

My Thoughts:

This book is amazing and it is one of my favorite books this year. I just think that the rebels should have been discussed more, or at least a part with America interacting with one of the rebels. There was only a glance and that was it! Nothing really happened with the rebels in either books, so hopefully the third will reveal EVERYTHING that needs to be discussed and revealed, so the book might be pretty long. The book is more romance than anything, so it's understandable how the romance aspect is the focus point. I enjoyed reading the characters and learning about them. I felt the same connection with them as I did when I read the first book. I am not ready to start the third book and have it all end. I always feel this way whenever a series is about to end, I'm not ready for it all to end. I've grown attached to them and it's hard to conclude a series.

The third book, The One, will be released in Spring 2014, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The author (Kiera Cass) is continuing the series. It will no longer just be a trilogy. Another selection process will occur, so stay tuned for that!

Are you Team Maxon or Team Aspen?

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5 stars for The Elite by Kiera Cass

The Elite by Kiera Cass


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