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Book Review for The Inn at Ocean's Edge

Updated on June 13, 2015

Capturing the heart of a region

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge is Colleen Coble’s latest thriller. Known for her dynamic, true-to-life characters, and breathtaking and accurate descriptions of idyllic locales throughout the U.S., Colleen doesn’t disappoint. Her passion for writing, travel, culture, nature, and wildlife really shines through in the telling of this book.

What secrets does the island hold?

Set in the quaint town of Folly Shoals, Maine, the plot centers around the wealthy business woman Claire Dellamare, who along with her family, come to the island to close a business merger. But when Claire stumbles upon a murder and unwillingly gets drawn into unlocking the story behind what really happened in order to clear her name, she finds that everything she’s ever believed about her life isn’t as it seems. When pressed, her family admits that she had been to Folly Shoals before as a child – where she had gone missing for a year before reappearing. Yet she can’t figure out why she can’t account for not having any recollection of such a traumatic event in her life. At first.

Then there’s the Rocco family – the handsome Luke, his sister Megan, and their dad, natives to the island who run a cranberry farm. The siblings befriend Claire in hopes that by helping her figure out the clues to her past, they might also learn more about what might have happened to their mother who also had gone missing when Claire did – only to never return. But the closer they get in their quest for answers, the more dangerous it becomes for Claire’s safety as well as her heart. Can Claire trust Luke amidst their growing attraction of one another? Is Luke able to keep her safe, or will the past hurt their chances of romance, even as more family secrets are unearthed? While the story might seem to go one way on the surface, it actually takes many unexpected twists along the way to keep the reader guessing up until the last page.

From the author's own words

Why the book is wicked cool

Having grown up in New England, I found that the vivid imagery in The Inn at Ocean’s Edge brought back a lot of pleasant memories I have of communing with nature as a child. Moreover, as fellow fiction writer and mystery buff, the amount of suspense to be had in this book was a true delight. I eagerly look forward to the rest of the series unfolding to see what new mysteries Colleen’s characters will experience in Folly Shoals.

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